Monday, March 26, 2012

Mew Vileplume - CheezPuffz12

3 Mew Prime
3-2-2 Vileplume UD
1 Jumpluff HS
1 Mismagius UD
2 Liligant EPO
1 Muk UD
1 Chandlure NDE
2 Terrakion NVI
1 Shaymin UL
2 Victini (flip) NVI
1 Cleffa HS
1 Shaymin Ex NDE
Pokemon = 23
3 N
3 Professor Oaks New Theory
3 Pokémon Collector
3 Pokémon Communication
4 Twins
4 Sages Training
3 Rare Candy
2 Seeker
2 Black Belt
T/S/S = 27
4 Prism Energy
2 Rainbow Energy
2 Rescue Energy
2 Psychic Energy
2 Fighting Energy
Energy = 12
Mewbox uses Mew Prime to see off a variety of pokemon, depending on the match-up, then copy their low energy cost attacks.  Since mew has such a low HP, vileplume helps slow down your opponent.  Victini lets you reflip for liligants attack which can inflict special conditions, muk brings up a pokemon, confuses and poisons it, shaymin EX does heavy damage once several prizes have been taken, chandelure lets you spread damage as well as attack the active, jumpluff deals more damage for each pokemon in play, mismagius hits for 30 for each trainer in your opponents hand and terrakion is a great lightning deck counter.
Pokemon Analysis
You have way too many different pokemon.  You'll be seeing off for several turns to get the right pokemon in the lost zone.  I'd focus on jumpluff, chandelure and muk.  Terrakion is a great attacker against lightning decks, so they should stay, just be prepared to lose a lot of energy if you need to retreat.  You'll need a 4th mew prime since the low hp is going to force you to lose several in a game.  I'd keep the shaymin EX in as well as a late game attacker.
Energy Analysis
I'd run 4 prism, 4 rainbow, 1 grass, 2 fighting and 1 psychic.  You have to be careful with your energy attachment in this deck, so the rescue energy is going to hurt you rather than help.
T/S/S Analysis
All of your pokemon are basics, so 4 collector will really help your deck.  I'd drop a black belt for a flower shop to recover your mews.  Your trainers and supporters are already pretty consistent, so I wouldn't worry about any other changes.   You should have some additional room in the deck after reducing some of your pokemon lines, so I'd look at adding a couple of juniper or even increasing your energy count.
The only significant flaw that I can see is that you focus on too many different pokemon rather than focusing on just a few of them and ensuring that you have enough copies of them to be able to see one off, even if one is prized.

zekrom yanmega - mrwtfpkmn

4 zekrom
3 yanma
3 yanmega prime
2 shaymin
2 pachirisu
2 tornadus
1 cleffa
1 tyrogue
Pokemon = 18

4 judge
4 copycat
4 junk arm
3 pkmn collector
3 pkmn communication
2 pkmn catcher
2 super scoop up
2 energy retrieval
1 dual ball
1 flower shop lady
T/S/S = 26
13 electric energy
3 grass energy
Energy = 16 
This is sort of a dual strategy deck.  The first part of the deck relies on speed with pachirisu to attach addititional energy and shaymin to move them around to the appropriate pokemon (zekrom or tornadus).  Yanmega is the second part of the deck, which is what allows the deck to continue attacking if your opponent has been able to withstand the first few turns.  With it's free attacks as long as your hand size matches your opponents hand size.
Pokemon Analysis
There's nothing that I would change to this section, although if you need extra room in the deck for something else, your tyrogue can easily be dropped.
Energy Analysis
Your energy is a bit too high.  Tornadus and zekrom can really utilize DCE and that helps ensure a T1 attack with torndaus, so I'd add in 4, drop the grass and decrease the lightning down to 9-10.
T/S/S Anaylsis
I prefer a single super rod over flower shop lady so you can reuse it with junk arm.  Since you have a bit more room after adjusting your energy line, you can fit in another dual ball, pokemon catcher and super scoop up.  Or you can add in some eviolite to reduce the damage you're doing to your own zekrom.
You have a pretty solid deck which should do well if you don't run into too many zekeels, which will likely win just because it combines speed and consistency and has the type advantage against your tornadus and yanmega. 

Kyurem Zekrom Reshiram - LegoBoy1216

1 kyurem ex
1 tyrouge
1 cleffa
1 shaymin
1 pachirisu
1-0-1 leavanny
1-1 dodrio
4 zekrom
4 reshiram
2-1-1 samurott
Pokemon = 21

1 pokemon catcher
1 skyarrow bridge
1 switch
2 junk arm
2 pokemon reversal
2 super scoop up
3 twins
4 rare candy
4 pokemon coomunication
4 oaks new theory
T/S/S = 24

4 lightning energy
4 fire energy
4 water energy
Energy = 14

This deck doesn't have a specific strategy.  Leavanny protects your pokemon from weakness, dodrio gives you free retreat, pachirisu lets you attach more lightning per turn when you play it and shaymin lets you move your energy around.  The rest of the pokemon are good attackers, but they don't really work together.

Pokemon Analysis
Getting up stage 2 pokemon is going to be very difficult, especially getting two of them going.  I'd drop both of them as well as the dodrio, relying on switch to retreat instead.  Kyurem EX is a much better attacker than it's typically given credit for, especially since it can get rid of special energy.  I'd increase this to about 3.  Keeping your other 'big basic' pokemon is essential. I'd add another pachirisu and shaymin to 2 each, essentially making this a version of the ZPS with a few other pokemon.

Energy Analysis
Since all of your pokemon are basic, you can use 4 prism.  I'd also max out your DCE.  The rest should be lightning so you can use pachirisu (6 of them).

T/S/S Analysis
For your supporters, I'd run 3-4 collector, 3 twins, 4 PONT and 2 N or cheren.  For your trainers, I'd run 2-3 dual ball, 1 super rod, 4 catcher, 4 junk arm, 2 switch and 1-2 pluspower.

Your deck is going to struggle to get going since it runs so many different pokemon. By focusing on the 'big basics' with shaymin to move around your energy, you should run more consistently.   If you find that you're still having problems with your energy acceleration, dropping a few prism and DCE to increase your lightning and decreasing some of your reshiram to make more room for a third pachirisu and shaymin.

Durant - TheMewtwoExTroll

4 Durant
1 Rotom
1-1 Hynpo HGSS
1 Shaymin EX
Pokemon = 8

3 Twins
4 Pokemon Collector
2 N
2 Professor Juniper
3 Lost Remover
3 Crushing Hammer
3 Eviolite
3 Level Ball
3 Pokemon Catcher
3 Junk Arm
4 Revive
2 Pokegear 3.0
1 Switch
1 Alph Lithograph
1 Battle City stadium
T/S/S = 42

4 Special Metal
4 Metal
2 Prism
Energy = 10

Durant decks win not by taking prizes, but by discarding the opponents deck until they can no longer draw a card and automatically lose.  For each durant in play, durants 'devour' attack discards one card from the deck, so with 4 in play, 4 cards are discarded each turn.  The rotom is for switching prizes in case a durant is prized, hypno is for putting your opponent asleep to stall and shaymin EX is for doing damage late in the game to take out big attackers.

Pokemon Analysis
I find that the most consistent durant decks focus on the durant only.  Rotom is needed in case durants are prized, but attackers aren't (although technically with a few prism you can use rotom as an attacker).  I'd drop the hypno line and shaymin.

Energy Analysis
I'd keep the prism in just so rotom can take out zekroms after 2 bolt strikes which is the most common attacker against durant.  So basically keep your energy line as it is.

T/S/S Analysis
I'd max out your twins and add in a flower shop for the trainer lock so you have a chance of keeping your durant in play, dropping the pokegear to make room.  I'd add in another crushing hammer and remove one lost remover since many players avoid playing special energy against durant decks.  I would also consider dropping a PONT for another junk arm, letting you reuse your revives, catchers, crushing hammers, etc....

You already have an excellent deck, but I think you'll find that it moves more efficiently if you focus only on the durant.  Good luck!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Zekrom Eelektrik - AlbinoAbsol

1 Cleffa 
4-4 Eelektrik
2 Thundurus
1 Mewtwo EX
2 Zekrom EX

Pokemon Total = 14

3 Pokemon Collector 
3 Sages Training 
2 Juniper 
2 Cheren 
1 Engineer's 
1 Pont 
1 Twins 
2 Dual Ball 
1 Switch 
3 Catcher 
3 Pokemon Communication 
3 Junk Arm 
3 Level Ball 
3 Eviolite 
1 Skyarrow Bridge 
T/S/S = 33

11 Lightning 
3 Double Colorless Energy 
Energy Total = 14

Eelektrik attaches energy to the bench from the discard pile, quickly powering up pokemon for strong attacks.  Thundurus is a great starter, able to search out energy from the deck as well as hit for 80 by turn 2.  Mewtwo EX is a counter for other Mewtwo's, but is a great all around attacker too.  Zekrom EX is another heavy hitter that discards energy when it attacks.  

Pokemon Analysis
You need more pokemon to take prizes that aren't EX pokemon.  That way you're not losing 2 prize cards when they're KO'd.  The best option is to add in two zekrom.  You can reduce your eelektrik line to 4-3 to help make room.  

Energy Analysis
I'd drop one lightning and add another DCE to help power Mewtwo EX and Zekrom EX up as fast as possible.  

T/S/S Analysis
You don't need skyarrow in this deck, so you can easily drop it for the second zekrom.  With all of your pokemon being basic (except eelektrik which you have the level ball to search out), you don't need communication, which leaves a lot of room in the deck.  Reducing your level ball to 2 and increasing your junk arm to 4 will help you get lightning into the discard pile as well as reuse your trainers.  I'd recommend another switch, mainly because your elektrik are going to be great catcher bait for stalling.  I'd drop one twins, 1 engineers, 2 cheren to make room for my suggestions as well as increase your PONT number.

Zekrom Eelektrik decks work great if you can get a consistent trainer/supporter line.  I hope my suggestions help the deck work a bit faster.  Good luck!

Electrode Reshiram Terrakion - CheezPuffz12

1 V- Blast Victini 
2 Reshiram Ex NDE
3-2 Electrode Prime
2 Victory Star Victini NVI
2 Terrakion NVI
2 Shaymin UL
1 Kyurem NVI
1 Bellsprout TRH
1 Tyrouge CL
Pokemon = 17

4 Junk Arm
4 Professor Oaks New Theory 
1 Revive
1 Level Ball
3 N 
3 Twins
3 Research Record 
1 Super Rod 
3 Dual Ball
1 Super Scoop Up
2 Switch
2 Pokemon Catcher
2 Pokegear
1 Lost Remover
T/S/S = 31

2 Water Energy
4 Fire Energy
1 Fighting energy
3 Prism Energy
2 Double Colorless Energy 
Energy = 12

Electrode prime is the energy acceleration of the deck, discarding several cards from the deck, but attaching any that are energy.  This gives your opponent a prize, but allows you to use twins to help get set up. Reshiram EX relies on a flip for its second attack, which is why fliptini is on the bench to give you an opportunity for a reflip.  Terrakion is to counter lightning decks, v blast victini for mewtwo and reshiram EX for durant.  However, all are excellent attackers that can be used for other decks as well.

Pokemon Analysis
I think I prefer the darmanitan instead of v blast victini for the mewtwo counter. I know it takes more room in the deck, but it's more consistent and Mewtwo EX is something you're going to be seeing a lot of.  I'd drop the tyrogue, bellsprout and kyurem to make room since your other attackers are enough already.

Energy Analysis
By dropping the kyurem we can drop the water energy, max out the prism to 4 and add in another fighting energy.  If you decide to add darmanitan back in, I'd add in a 3rd DCE (13 energy isn't too high for a deck like this).

T/S/S Analysis
I still prefer the pokemon collector to the dual ball, or at least a combination of the two.  I would drop the level ball since it doesnt apply to many of your pokemon (there's your extra energy space), and max out the twins (reducing the N count).  I might even drop the N completely for a few collector or cheren (avoiding juniper or sage since you're already discarding a lot of your deck).   Since you don't run as much energy as other electrode variants, I'd max out your research record to ensure that you get what you want. Dropping the super scoop up should allow that to work.

This is going to be a pretty tricky deck to pull off and you'll have to be careful with your energy attachments. But I could see it working, especially in our format that has so many different decks.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Terrakion Landorus Donphan - Duckstotherescue

1 Mewtwo-EX 
1 Terrakion NV
2 Druddigon 
3-2 Donphan Prime
2-1 Lucario CoL
1 Landorus 
1-1 Golett 
2 Hitmonlee CoL
Pokemon = 17

2 Life Herb 
1 Potion 
1 Energy Retrieval 
1 Rocky Helmet
1 Eviolite 
1 Switch 
1 Dual Ball 
1 PlusPower
1 Super Rod 
2 Pokemon Communication 
1 Flower Shop Lady 
1 Pokemon Collector 
1 Team Rocket's Trickery 
3 Professor Oak's New Theory 
1 Twins 
1 Professor Elms Training Method
2 Sage's Training 
1 Interviewer'S Questions
1 N  
1 Seeker 
T/S/S = 25

15 Fighting Energy 
1 Double Colorless Energy
2 Prism Energy 
Energy = 18

With Eelektrik variants being one of the most popular decks in the format, going with a straight fighting deck is a good plan.  You have way too many different fighting pokemon though, we need to focus it down a bit.  Donphan Prime, Terrakion, Landorus and Mewtwo are all fast, heavy hitting attackers.  Mewtwo can get the donk in many games, Landorus can get energy back from the discard pile, Donphan is a fast hitter with a lightning resistance making it difficult to KO and terrakion is perfect for revenge KO's with 'retaliate'.

Pokemon Analysis
I would increase the numbers of the 3 fighting pokemon.  3-3 Donphan Prime, 3-4 Terrakion and 2-3 Landorus.  Keep the 1 Mewtwo and add in a cleffa for a fresh hand.  

Energy Analysis
You don't need to use Mewtwo's second attack, just the first, which can use any energy.  So you can drop the prism.  I'd increase the DCE to 2-3 to speed Mewtwo up, and decrease your fighting to 10.  A total of around 12-13 energy should be more than enough for this deck.

T/S/S Analysis
This is where I'm going to have the most suggestions.  Since you don't have any energy acceleration for the deck like typhlosion, emboar or elektrik (there just isn't a good one for fighting pokemon), I'd add in 4 experience share to help you conserve your energy attachments.  I'd drop the rest of the pokemon tools so you can focus on using the experience share.   4 collector will get you a full bench early in the game.  Maxing out your PONT to 4, adding in 2-3 juniper and 2-3 cheren will give you enough supporter draw power to keep a good hand.  Except for the twins, I'd drop all the other supporters (trickery, sage, interviewers, elms, N, seeker, flower shop).  Like the supporter section, I'd drop all your current trainers and go with this - 4 heavy ball, 4 junk arm, 1 switch, 1 super rod.  If you have any more room in the deck, add in some pluspower.

A fighting deck is a good choice with the current format, but you need quite a bit of tweaking to get it working consistently for you.  Eelektrik decks have the advantage of speed, so even though you have the type advantage, without the right trainers and supporters, you won't be able to get set up in time to start attacking.