Sunday, March 11, 2012

Vanilluxe Mewtwo Tornadus and more- sindinc

1 MewTwo EX 
1 Regigigas EX 
1 Reshiram EX
1 Tornadus 
1 Cleffa 
2-1 Zoroark 
1 Kyurem 
2-2-1 Vanilluxe (ND) 
2-2 Musharna
Pokemon = 18

1 N 
2 Judge 
2 Cheren 
I Twins 
1 Flower shop 
1 collecter
1 Level ball 
1 Rare candy 
1 Super rod 
1 Communication 
1 Catcher 
1 Dual ball 
1 Eviolite 
2 Exp.share 
1 Heavy ball 
1 Pluspower 
1 Pokemon center 
1 Skyarrow
T/S/S = 18

4 DCE 
4 Prism 
3 Psychic 
1 Rescue 
3 Water 
3 Fire 
Energy = 18

I'm not quite sure what the strategy of this deck is.  Musharna is for draw power, letting you draw another card after looking at the top 2.  Vanilluxe has an ability that can be a great disrupter, forcing your opponent to switch pokemon.  I would focus on this card to help get strong pokemon out of the active position on your opponents side.  It's not that great an attacker, so I wouldn't focus on that.  You have many other great pokemon, but they don't really work well together.

Pokemon Analysis
I would go for a strong vanilluxe line like 3-2-3. You still need a main attacker, so since you already have water, lets go with kyurem to spread damage.  Increase the kyurem to at least 2, possibly 3.  Mewtwo EX is needed just to be a counter for other Mewtwo EX (although it's a great attacker as well), so it's worth keeping. The other EX's should be dropped.  Kyurem EX would work well in this deck since you could still stick with water energy.  To help get set up, I'd increase your tornadus to 2-3.  I'd drop the zoroark the make more room for other cards.

Energy Analysis
Now that we have your pokemon all water (except for musharna, but it's for a draw engine, not attacker), we can just stick to water energy and DCE.  18 energy is too much energy for the deck, but 4 DCE and 9 water should work just fine.

T/S/S Analysis
2-3 more collector will ensure a full bench early in the game.  I'd drop the elm, N, flower shop and judge to make room for 3-4 twins (you'll likely be behind while kyurem spread damage), 2 more PONT and 2-3 juniper.  To help search for pokemon I'd drop the level ball and heavy ball, adding 3 more communication.  3 rare candy will ensure vanilluxe gets set up quickly.  Increase your catcher to 2 to target a specific pokemon.  4 junk arm will let you reuse any trainers.  Since your main attackers are basics (Kyurem and Kyurem EX) adding one more eviolite  will help keep them alive longer.  To make room for these suggestions, I'd drop the two stadiums, experience share and pluspower.

Once you focus on a particular strategy of the deck, then build everything else around that strategy, you'll find that you have a more consistent deck that is easier to set up and wins more games.

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