Monday, March 26, 2012

Kyurem Zekrom Reshiram - LegoBoy1216

1 kyurem ex
1 tyrouge
1 cleffa
1 shaymin
1 pachirisu
1-0-1 leavanny
1-1 dodrio
4 zekrom
4 reshiram
2-1-1 samurott
Pokemon = 21

1 pokemon catcher
1 skyarrow bridge
1 switch
2 junk arm
2 pokemon reversal
2 super scoop up
3 twins
4 rare candy
4 pokemon coomunication
4 oaks new theory
T/S/S = 24

4 lightning energy
4 fire energy
4 water energy
Energy = 14

This deck doesn't have a specific strategy.  Leavanny protects your pokemon from weakness, dodrio gives you free retreat, pachirisu lets you attach more lightning per turn when you play it and shaymin lets you move your energy around.  The rest of the pokemon are good attackers, but they don't really work together.

Pokemon Analysis
Getting up stage 2 pokemon is going to be very difficult, especially getting two of them going.  I'd drop both of them as well as the dodrio, relying on switch to retreat instead.  Kyurem EX is a much better attacker than it's typically given credit for, especially since it can get rid of special energy.  I'd increase this to about 3.  Keeping your other 'big basic' pokemon is essential. I'd add another pachirisu and shaymin to 2 each, essentially making this a version of the ZPS with a few other pokemon.

Energy Analysis
Since all of your pokemon are basic, you can use 4 prism.  I'd also max out your DCE.  The rest should be lightning so you can use pachirisu (6 of them).

T/S/S Analysis
For your supporters, I'd run 3-4 collector, 3 twins, 4 PONT and 2 N or cheren.  For your trainers, I'd run 2-3 dual ball, 1 super rod, 4 catcher, 4 junk arm, 2 switch and 1-2 pluspower.

Your deck is going to struggle to get going since it runs so many different pokemon. By focusing on the 'big basics' with shaymin to move around your energy, you should run more consistently.   If you find that you're still having problems with your energy acceleration, dropping a few prism and DCE to increase your lightning and decreasing some of your reshiram to make more room for a third pachirisu and shaymin.

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