Sunday, March 11, 2012

Magnezone Eelektrik - DragonFlare2000

3-2-3 Magnezone prime 
3-3 Elektrik 
2-2 Zoroark foul play 
2 Zekrom EX 
2 Zekrom 
Pokemon = 22

4 Pokemon communication 
3 Rare candy 
3 Junk Arm 
2 Switch 
2 Pokemon catcher 
2 Plus power 
1 Super rod 
3 Pokemon collector 
3 Sage's training 
2 N 
T/S/S = 25

11 Electric energy 
2 DCE 
Energy = 13

Magnezone is the draw power as well as heavy hitter to KO EX's in one hit.  Eelektrik is the energy acceleration, attaching lightning energy from the discard pile to the bench.  Zekrom and Zekrom EX are hard hitters, letting you take prizes before lost burning too many energy with magnezone.  

Pokemon Analysis
I'd drop the zoroark so that you can run a couple of thundurus (an ideal starting pokemon since it can search out energy while helping to power up the bench).  This will give you a few more spaces for other cards too.  You may also want to consider a mewtwo EX to counter other mewtwos.  4 zekroms, especially 2 EX, may not be needed, especially with Thundurus as another attacker.  That would give you more room for a few more supporters. I'd also consider a cleffa to get you out of a bad hand, especially early in the game.

Energy Analysis
Since you have 2 zekrom EX I'd consider running more DCE.  Running 14 energy wouldn't be bad if you have the room.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
I'd drop a communication for a heavy ball so you can search out Magnezone and Zekrom EX.  1 more junk arm will help you get those lightning into the discard pile for eelektrik.  1 more collector will ensure that you get the collector on the first turn.  I'd like to see more N as well, ideally 4.  To make room for these cards, I'd drop at least one, if not both, plus power.  You could also probably drop another communication.

It looks like you have a great deck for states and should do well.  Good luck!

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