Monday, March 5, 2012

Eelektrik Raichu Ampharos - TheEpicBidoof

4 thundurus
2 zekrom
2-2-2 ampharos prime
2 tornadus
2-2 raichu (hgss)
3-3 eelektrik
1-1 cofagrigus
Pokemon Total = 26

1 victory cup
2 rare candy
2 juniper
3 pont
4 communication
1 catcher
3 pluspower
1 switch
1 seeker
2 super scoop up
2 engineers adjustments
Trainer/Supporter Total = 22

3 psychic
8 electric
2 dce
Energy Total = 13
Eelektrik serves as the energy acceleration for the deck, attaching energy from the discard pile to the bench.  The other pokemon are a variety of electric types to utilize this - thundurus as a starter to search out and attach energy, ampharos prime for the pokebody that adds a damage counter when an energy is attached to the opposing pokemon, zekrom as a heavy hitter and raichu as an additional attacker.  Cofagrigigus lets you move your damage counters from one pokemon to one of your opposing pokemon.  Tornadus attacks and powers up the bench at the same time.
Pokemon Analysis
You have 7 different pokemon lines in the deck, which are way too many.  I'd focus on the eelektrik, thundurus, zekrom and possibly one other. I'd drop cofagrigus just so that you can consistently stick with your lightning energy (one more energy type just slows down the deck).  Tornadus is typically a good early attacker, but with the thundurus, you don't need it.  That also means that you can drop the DCE unless you decide to add a couple of zekrom EX.  By running eel, thundurus, zekrom and zekrom EX, you should have a consistent and fast deck.
Energy Analysis
Your energy total is at a good number.  Since I'd drop the psychic, you can swap the basic psychic for more basic lightning.  I'd keep the DCE in only if you're running zekrom EX and if not, then just swap them out for more lightning.
T/S/S Analysis
You'll need 4 collector to get a full bench early in the game.  I'd drop the pluspower, victory cup, rare candy, seeker and SSU.  In their place I'd run 4 junk arm, an additional switch, 2-3 pokemon catcher, 1 more PONT, 2-3 sage and a super rod.  If you have any more room, putting some of the pluspower back in will easily fill those spaces. 
Your current deck has so many different lines of pokemon that you're essentially just playing whatever you happen to draw into, which is going to slow your set up.  By focusing on a smaller amount of pokemon, it will not only speed up the deck but make it work more consistently.

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