Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blastoise Feraligatr - Astrotreign

3-2-3 Feraligatr Prime
2-1-2 Blastoise 
2-1 Lanturn Prime
1- Smeargle
1- Cleffa
1- Suicune
Pokemon = 19

2- Engineer's Adjustments
2- Switch
2- Broken Time Space
2- Life Herb
2- Prof. Elm's Research
3- Bebe's Search
4- Interviewer's Questions
4- Pokemon Communication
1- Pokemon Rescue
1- Super Scoop Up
1- Energy Returner
1- Luxury Ball
Trainers/Supporters = 25

1- Double Colourless
2- Rainbow
2- Electric
11- Water
Energies = 16

Feraligatr attaches as many water energy as you like from your hand to your pokemon each turn making it easy to power up blastoise.  Blastoise snipes for 100, but forces you to return two energy back to your hand.  Without DCE it would be impossible to keep blastoise going, if Feraligatr wasn't there to keep it going. Lanturn prime is a great addition since it has a different type, meaning that it won't fall as easily to lightning pokemon.

Pokemon Analysis
I'd increase your blastoise to 3-2-3 since it's your main attacker.  While lanturn is a great attacker, kyurem would be an ideal starter, spreading damage around the field while you build up your stage 2 pokemon.  2-3 kyurem should suffice. This also sets up the field for blastoise to KO anything on the field.  I'd also drop the suicune and smeargle to help make room.

Energy Analysis
Now that lanturn is no longer in the deck you can do straight to water energy and DCE.  16 energy is a bit much, but 10 water and 3 DCE should do the job.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You have quite a few cards in here that have been rotated out, making the deck illegal for tournament play.  So I'm going to suggest the following trainers/supporters instead, all of which are legal.  4 collector to fill up the bench.  3-4 PONT, 2-3 N, 2-3 cheren and 2-3 juniper for draw power.  2 cilan to search out energy.  1 super rod for recovery.  4 communication to search out pokemon.  4 rare candy to evolve.  4 junk arm to reuse any trainers.  2 catcher to bring up benched pokemon (this is more to stall while blastoise attacks around it).  2 switch to get pokemon that are catcher'd up out of the active position.  1 fisherman and 1 energy retrieval to get energy back from the discard pile.

Blastgatr will forever remain one of my favorite decks since it was the first deck I built, the first deck I made top cut with and has one of my favorite pokemon, Blastoise, in it.  It's good to see other people still play it and I hope that one day when the meta isn't so much lightning that this deck will be able to perform better.  As it is, even the best build will struggle in today's format.  But it's still a fun deck!

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