Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Emboar Hydreigon - StevenWalker11

3-2-3 ability emboar
2-1-2 hydreigon 
1 reshiram 
2-1-1 chandelure 
2-1 simisear 
1 tyrogue 
2-2 zoroark 
Pokemon = 26

9 fire 
8 dark 
5 dce
Energy = 22

2 energy retrieval 
3 pokemon communication 
3 rare candy 
2 energy search 
1 level ball
1 cheren 
1 pokemon center
T/S/S = 13

This deck uses the ability emboar as energy acceleration to provide fire energy to each pokemon, ensuring that you can attack each turn.  Hydreigon and chandelure, the main attackers of the deck, both attack the active as well as snipe the bench.  There are several other good attackers like reshiram and zoroark in as well.  Also, your deck has 61 cards in it when it should only have 60.

Pokemon Analysis
You have way too many pokemon in this deck.  Chandelure and hydreigon essentially do the same thing.  Chandelure costs less, but has a lower damage output.  Hydreigon costs more, but has a higher damage output.  Whichever one you decide on should be a 4-2-4 line. The zoroark is an excellent addition since it can cover several match-ups that would hurt you.  The rest of the pokemon should be dropped (reshiram, tyrogue, simisear).  One cleffa will get you a fresh hand if you need it.

Energy Analysis
You have way too many energy in this deck.  I'd aim for around 12-13 and make them all fire.  If you're running hydreigon, make 4 of them special dark, but if you decided to go with chandelure, then just stick with fire.  While DCE will speed up hydreigon, it's not recoverable and it's preferable to have the special dark attached instead of a DCE.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
With your pokemon and energy being so high, your trainers, supporters and stadium section is too small.   I'm going to just list out what I think you need to make it work. 4 collector to fill your bench early in the game.  Several draw supporters like 4 PONT, 4 juniper and 2-3 cheren.  For recovery, 1 super rod, 1 energy retrieval and 1 fisherman.  2 switch to move you pokemon around without having to pay the energy cost.  4 junk arm to reuse any trainer.  2-3 communication and 2 heavy ball to get the right pokemon out.  2-3 catcher to bring up your opponents benched pokemon.  3 rare candy to get your stage 2 pokemon up quickly.  If you find that you're often behind, adding in 2-3 twins (dropping some juniper to make the room for them), will help out.

You have a good deck idea, but a lot needs to be changed to get this deck working fast enough to get set up.  With the changes that I've discussed, you should find that the deck runs much better now.

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