Monday, March 5, 2012

Wigglytuff Seismitoad - CheezPuffz12

4-2-4 seismitoad
3-3 wigglytuff
1 mewtwo ex
1-1 dodrio
1 cleffa
1 pichu
Pokemon total = 21
7 ds (draw supporters)
3 collector
4 junk arm
2 communication
1 level ball
2 plus power
2 rocky helmet
2 gear
1 super rod
1 switch
3 candy
1 skyarrow bridge
T/S/S Total = 29

4 dce
4 water
2 rescue
Energy Total = 10

This is an interesting deck that I've seen in action a few times and works if it can get set up.  It abuses the attack round, doing more damage for each pokemon in play that has that attack.  Since both wigglytuff and seismitoad have round, you just need a full bench of the two.  Dodrio is for free retreat, mewtwo EX is to counter other mewtwo Ex's, pichu is to set up the bench fast and cleffa is for a fresh hand.

Pokemon Analysis
I would drop the pichu unless you're going to be running twins and vileplume.  Allowing your opponent to set their bench up early gives them a huge advantage against this deck.  I'd also drop the dodrio and rely on switch for retreating.  Maxing out your wigglytuff is going to be important to keep those 'round' pokemon on the bench to increase your damage output.

Energy Analysis
You should be good with your current line.

T/S/S Analysis
Instead of pichu I'd max out your collector.  I'd add in another switch to get your pokemon back to the bench.  I'd drop the skyarrow bridge since it's only for basic pokemon, which would only help Mewtwo EX since your other basic pokemon have free retreat.  I'd probably increase your draw supporters to around 10, dropping the plus power and rocky helmet for them.  3-4 PONT, 2-3 cheren and 3-4 juniper should do it. Maxing out your candy since you have a maxed out seismitoad line is the best way to get it going fast.  You probably don't have much room left, but you do need to find some room for catcher, even if it's just 2 of them. 

This is an interesting deck that I'd like to see more of.  The hardest part is getting it set up.  You may find that adding twins to your draw support line will help if you're consistently losing a prize first.  Good luck!

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