Monday, March 12, 2012

Chandelure Weaville Nuzleaf and more - swfan9167

2-1-1 Chandelure 
2-1 Weavile 
3-1 Scrafty  

3 Growlithe

1 Entei (ability) 
3-2 Nuzleafs
1 Magby (ability) 
Pokemon = 21

2 Energy Searches
2 Level balls 
2 Pokemon Communications
2 Potions
2 Bills
2 Cilans
1 Emcee 2 Engineer's Adjustments
2 Interviewer's Questions 
1 Elm's method
1 Juniper 
2 Pokemon Centers
T/S/S = 19

12 Fire Energy 
6 Dark energy
Energy = 18

This doesn't appear to be a deck that really has a strategy. It looks like a modified theme deck with a few collection cards. I'm not sure what sets the pokemon are from, so I'll just be making guess.  Chandelure from ND is the most powerful attacker since it does 30 to the active and 30 to two of the benched pokemon.  Weaville is a decent attacker, but only if your opponent has a tool attached.  Entei is a strong attacker, but it forces you to discard cards and only does 70 damage.  This isn't worth it.  Nuzleaf lets you move energy from your opponents active to your opponents bench.  I could go on, but the bottom line is that pokemon don't work well together.  This deck review will be very basic, to help you decide on what you want to do.

Pokemon Analysis
There's several directions that this decks could go it.  I think it would be best if you start doing some research on what cards go well together.  Fire chandelure goes well with psychic chandelure, vileplume and dodrio.  I honestly haven't heard of any good decks that use the new weaville or nuzleaf.

Energy Analysis
Stick to around 12 energy in a deck. If you're running more than one type, you may want to consider rainbow in addition to the two basics.  

T/S/S Analysis
Since you don't really know what your deck is going to be quite yet, I'll just give you a run down of basic things that you'll need.  If you run a vileplume deck (prevents both players from using trainers once it's in play), you'll want 3 candy, 3 communication and the rest supporters.  The supporters should include 1 flower shop for recovery, 4 collector to search basics, and the rest will be draw support (twins, sage, juniper, N, etc...).  The only stadium that works well with vileplume is tropical beach, which is pretty expensive.  If you don't run a vileplume deck, then you're looking at 4 collector, at least 9 draw support and the rest trainers.  1 super rod for recovery, communication to search for pokemon, catcher to bring up you opponents bench, switch to get out of the active position without having to pay a retreat cost and candy to evolve faster.

I wish I could do more of a review for you, but since your cards don't really work well together, there's much that I can work with without just giving you a completely new deck. Look at some of the other deck reviews for ideas on what you could make.

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