Monday, March 5, 2012

Serperior Simipour Virizion - 6cardman

3-2-2 serperior ability
2 virizion NV
2 cleffa
3-3 simipour EP
1 maractus (mega drain)
2 lapras
Pokemon = 19

4-water energy
4-grass energy
2-rescue energy
Energy = 13

1-professor juniper
1-super rod
3-energy retrieval
4-junk arm
2-pokemon catcher
4-pokemon collector
2-rare candy
4-pokemon communication
T/S/S = 28
I'm not quite sure if this deck has a specific strategy.  Virizion is an excellent starter, serving as draw power as well as a decent attacker.  Ability serperior heals one damage counter in between turns.  I'm assuming that lapras is the one that allows you to seach and bench basics as its attack.  Simipour is a main attacker, needing only a DCE for its first attack with it's second attack able to move energy attached to the opposing pokemon to the bench, possibly serving as a stall tactic.  Maractus is another attack that can also heal itself.
Pokemon Analysis
Many of your pokemon can easily be KO'd in one hit, so focusing on their attacks to heal themselves isn't the way to go.  Simipour's second attack is quite useful, so I'd max this pokemon line out to 4-4.  Virizion is a great starter and can also do some early damage, so I'd also increase this to 4.  I'd focus on collector rather than lapras, so you can drop it as well as both cleffa.  With virizion as your starting draw power, you shouldn't need cleffa.  I'd drop the maractus since it's not a strong attacker, giving you more room to focus on your other pokemon.  The more serperior you have in play, the more you can heal, so I'd add in one more serperior for a 3-2-3 line. 
Energy Analysis
I'd drop the rescue energy so that you can max out the DCE to 4 while having one more spot for other additions.  This deck should run just fine on 12 energy.
Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You have an excellent line of trainers/supporters already.  By dropping some of the other pokemon and possibly some of the energy, you should have more room for additional trainer/supporters like an additional candy or juniper.  The only thing that I would probably drop is the energy retrieval.  You're not going to be discarding that much energy to need three of them.  Since you have super rod and junk arm, you shouldn't even need one of them.  With that extra space, additional juniper and catcher would also be helpful. 
Your excellent line of trainers and supporters is what's going to make this deck work, so the biggest change is just going to be the pokemon line.  Hopefully with that being a bit more consistent, you'll find that overall the deck works much better!

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