Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chandelure Arcanine Darmanitan and more - kpomm

2-2 arcanine
2-2 darmanitan
1 moltres 
2-2 raichu 
1 pichu 
2-2-1 ampharos 
3-2-1 chandelure
2-1 persian
Pokemon = 27

2 pokemon communication
2 cilan
2 energy retrieval
2 energy search 
1 skyarrow bridge
2 heavy ball
2 cheren 
T/S/S = 13

fire energy-11
electric energy-6 
Energy = 17

This is another deck that doesn't have a specific strategy.  It just plays whatever it has in hand, evolving pokemon that it draws the basic of. With almost half the deck comprised of pokemon that don't have anything to do with each other other than type, there's not a specific strategy except for getting evolved pokemon up for KO's.

Pokemon Analysis
Each deck should have pokemon that work well with each other, like eelektrik recycling energy for the lightning pokemon on the bench, or dodrio providing free retreat for psychic chandelure so it can use it's ability multiple times per turn.  Chandelure is a spread attacker, so possibly adding in other spread attackers like kyurem or pokemon that can target pokemon with damage on it like mandibuzz would work.  Arcanine burns it's opponent when it's attacked, so possibly combining it with leafeon that does more damage when the opponent is affected by a special condition would work.  There's dozens of options, so you should look into what would work for you.

Energy Analysis
Try and stick to 10-14 energy in a deck.  Anything more than that is taking up too much space.

T/S/S Analysis
A typical deck should have 3-4 collector, around 10 draw supporters (N, PONT, cheren, juniper, sage, etc....), a recovery card (super rod), pokemon searchers as trainers (heavy ball, level ball, communication), catcher, junk arm and switch.  Unless you're continuously discarding energy, you shouldn't need energy retrieval.  With lots of draw support, you shouldn't need cilan or energy search either.  Skyarrow only works on basics, so it's best used in decks that run powerful basics like reshiram, kyurem, zekrom, etc....

I'm sorry I couldn't give you a more specific deck review, but until you decide which pokemon you want to focus on and a specific strategy, there's not much else to comment on other than the basics that I've listed above.  I hope this helps out!

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