Monday, March 5, 2012

Gengar Donphan - ryanclarke11

2-2-2 gengar prime
3-3 donphan prime
2-2-2 samurott non ability
1 reshiram
1 mime jr
1 smeargle

2 copycat
4 professer oaks new therory
1 dual ball
1 revive
1 level ball
1 energy returner
3 lost world
Trainer/Supporter Total = 13

2 double colourless
11 psychic
11 fighting
Energy total = 24

I think the primary strategy should be focusing on gengar and winning by declaring yourself the winner with the lost world stadium.  Donphan prime is a great counter to the dark pokemon that'll give your gengar problems and will help you in the lightning match-ups.  Mime jr can put cards from the deck into the lost world early.  The rest of the pokemon I'm going to suggest swapping out to focus more on the gengar.

Pokemon Analysis
A stronger gengar prime line would be 4-2-3.  Adding in slowking (2-2) will help you get pokemon in the lost zone with mime jr.  Mr. Mime will let you see your opponents hand, ensuring that there are pokemon there before wasting a seeker to force them to have one.  A cleffa will help you get a new hand if you need a refresher.  Everything else I'd drop (samurott, reshiram, smeargle)

Energy Analysis
This deck is fairly low cost, so you should be able to run fine with 12 energy, possibly even as few as 10.  If we go with 12, then I'd do 5 fighting and 7 psychic.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
This is the section that should be close to half of your deck in order for your deck to work consistently.  Here's what you need.  4 collector to fill your bench fast.  3 candy to get your gengar going.  3 communication to get the pokemon you need.  3 lost world to declare yourself the winner.   4 twins since you won't typically be taking prizes and can use it to constantly search for what you want.  1 super rod for recovery from the discard pile. 4 seeker to force your opponent to pick up a pokemon, allowing you to put it in the lost world with gengar.  4 PONT, 2-3 cheren, 2-3 juniper for draw power.  2-3 catcher to bring up heavy retreater pokemon to give you more time to get pokemon in the lost zone.  3-4 junk arm to reuse any of your trainers.  2 switch to get your donphan (or a catchered slowking) out of the active position without having to pay a retreat cost.   

Donphan Gengar might have a solid shot in this format since there are so many lightning decks.  You may find that increasing your catcher count to bring up heavy retreaters while you use gengar to put pokemon in the lost zone may be the most consistent way to play.  Be careful of the time in tournaments though since this method won't have you ahead on prizes and if you can't declare yourself the winner by the end of 30 minutes, you'll likely lose.  

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