Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Machamp Donphan - DeltaLink

1 cleffa
3-3 donphan
3-1-3 machamp
2-2 zoroark
2-2 espeon (solar suggestion )
Pokemon = 22

4 Pokemon Comunicator
1 juniper
4 professor oak new theory
2 switch
3 catcher
2 rare candy
1 twins
2 super rod
2 sage training
2 dual ball
T/S/S = 23

6 fighting
4 double colorless
3 rainbows
2 psychic
Energy = 15

Donphan is the first attacker, doing 60 for 1 energy, then putting one damage counter on all your benched pokemon.  This feeds machamps second attack which does more damage for each damaged benched pokemon.  Zoroark is a great counter against other pokemon, especially Mewtwo EX.  Espeon moves damage counters from benched pokemon to the your opponents pokemon.

Pokemon Analysis
I would probably drop the espeon since its not moving much damage each turn.  That will give you more room in the deck to increase your machamp line 3-2-3 and to add more trainers/supporters.

Energy Analysis
Now the the espeon is dropped, you can drop the psychic and rainbow for just fighting. This deck should run well on just 12-13 energy, which will give you more room for trainers/supporters.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You'll need 4 collector to get your bench full early in the game.  I'd increase your juniper to 3-4 and drop the sage so that you're not tossing too much into the discard pile.  1 super rod should be all the recovery that you need.  4 junk arms will let you reuse any trainers that you have.  You may want to increase your twins to 2 or 3 depending on how long it takes to get your machamp going.  Increasing your rare candy to 3 would also help.  You'll probably be safe going down to 3 communication, especially once junk arms are added.  If you have any more room in the deck I'd add in a little more draw support like a few cheren.

With zoroark to counter Mewtwo EX's (Machamps biggest threat), this deck may have a decent shot if it gets set up fast enough.  If you find that you're having a hard time setting up, then adding more twins in should help out.  Good luck!

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