Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Emboar Reshiram - CheezPuffz12

2 reshiram ex 
2 reshiram 
3-1-2 emboar 
1 shucke
2-2 darmaxitan
1 cleffa 
1 flip 
Pokemon = 17

6 draw supporters
3 collector 
3 junk arm 
3 rare candy
2 eviolite 
2 energy retrieval 
2 fisherman
1 max potion
1 super rod 
1 revive 
1 cilan 
2 catcher
2 communication 
2 switch 
T/S/S = 31

10 fire
2 dce 
Energy = 12

This is a new version of the old reshiboar deck.  With cilan, ability emboar is much easier to keep working.  Emboar keeps a steady flow of energy  to pokemon which the different reshirams are the main attacker.  Victini is to replip to avoid damage from reshiram EX's attack as well as to reflip the darmanitan (which is a mewtwo counter).

Pokemon Analysis
I feel that mewtwo is a stronger mewtwo counter since it can be set up in one turn while darmanitan must evolve, meaning that it can be catcher'd up before it can be used.  However, since mewtwo's are so expensive, darmanitan is a good alternative.  (Exchanging darmanitan for 1 mewtwo would also give you 3 more spaces in the deck for other cards). Since ability emboar is the energy acceleration of the deck, I'd increase it to 3-2-3 or higher.  I'd also increase your fliptini since it will be something that can easily be catcher'd and KO'd.  I'd drop the shuckle since you don't have any way of getting the energy off of shuckle to be used for another pokemon.

Energy Analysis
What you have now should work.  You may want to consider swapping one fire for an additional DCE (mainly because of lost remover), but other than that, I have no other suggestions to make on this section.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
I'd max out your collector and junk arm to 4 each.  I'd drop 1 fisherman, 1 energy retrieval and the max potion.  For your draw supporters I'd suggest 4 PONT and 2 Juniper.  If you can find more room in the deck, 2-3 cheren would also speed it up.  

I'm curious to see is reshiboar decks will make a comeback with the release of Reshiram EX.  You already have a well build deck, so I hope my suggestions help. 

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