Monday, March 5, 2012

Gardevoir Mewtwo - yokomaster1

3 EX Mewtwo
3-1-3 Gardevoir
1 Cleffa
Pokemon Total = 11

3 Pokemon Collector
2 N
2 Sage's Training
2 Cheren
1 Juniper
4 Plus Power
4 Junk Arm
3 Rare Candy
3 Eviolite
2 Catcher
2 Switch
1 Pokegear 3.0
1 Super Rod
1 Revive
Trainer/Supporter Total = 35

10 Psychic
4 Double Colorless Energy
Energy Total = 14

The goal of this deck is pretty simple.  Get a gardevoir set up to make each psychic energy count as 2, allowing mewtwo ex to hit harder and get consistent KO's.

Pokemon Analysis
Since this deck relies on Gardevoir to function, I'd increase the line to 3-2-3, 4-2-3 or 4-2-4.  This will help  you get multiple gardevoir out, ensuring that they aren't targeted as key KO's early in the game.  Something else to consider adding in would be celebi prime and skyarrow bridge.  Celebi would make a great starter to help get that mewtwo powered up while you get gardevoir set up.  2 celebi and 2-3 skyarrow should be all that you need, so it's not too much of an addition to the deck.  It should also reduce on your mulligan count since you only have 7 basic pokemon right now.  Running 3 Mewtwo EX is also a bit risky (and expensive).  With super rod, you should be able to easily run 2.

Energy Analysis
Since your energy counts twice, you could easily drop your total energy count down to around 10-12, making more room in the deck for other cards (like Celebi prime and skyarrow).

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Maxing out your collector will ensure a fast start.  I'd swap out the sage for more juniper, ensuring that you're able to draw into what you need. I don't really like the N in the deck since if you N yourself down to a low number, you don't have an easy way to recover (like Magnezone) or be able to live off the field (reshiphlosion).  Dropping that and some of the pluspower would give room for the Celebi/skyarrow combination.  You should also be able to go down to 2 eviolite since it's something that can be reused with junk arm.   

You have an excellent deck that I'm sure will see play at upcoming states.  I think adding Celebi prime will give you a better early game while you get the gardevoir set up.  Good luck!!

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