Monday, March 26, 2012

zekrom yanmega - mrwtfpkmn

4 zekrom
3 yanma
3 yanmega prime
2 shaymin
2 pachirisu
2 tornadus
1 cleffa
1 tyrogue
Pokemon = 18

4 judge
4 copycat
4 junk arm
3 pkmn collector
3 pkmn communication
2 pkmn catcher
2 super scoop up
2 energy retrieval
1 dual ball
1 flower shop lady
T/S/S = 26
13 electric energy
3 grass energy
Energy = 16 
This is sort of a dual strategy deck.  The first part of the deck relies on speed with pachirisu to attach addititional energy and shaymin to move them around to the appropriate pokemon (zekrom or tornadus).  Yanmega is the second part of the deck, which is what allows the deck to continue attacking if your opponent has been able to withstand the first few turns.  With it's free attacks as long as your hand size matches your opponents hand size.
Pokemon Analysis
There's nothing that I would change to this section, although if you need extra room in the deck for something else, your tyrogue can easily be dropped.
Energy Analysis
Your energy is a bit too high.  Tornadus and zekrom can really utilize DCE and that helps ensure a T1 attack with torndaus, so I'd add in 4, drop the grass and decrease the lightning down to 9-10.
T/S/S Anaylsis
I prefer a single super rod over flower shop lady so you can reuse it with junk arm.  Since you have a bit more room after adjusting your energy line, you can fit in another dual ball, pokemon catcher and super scoop up.  Or you can add in some eviolite to reduce the damage you're doing to your own zekrom.
You have a pretty solid deck which should do well if you don't run into too many zekeels, which will likely win just because it combines speed and consistency and has the type advantage against your tornadus and yanmega. 

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