Sunday, March 11, 2012

Vileplume Reuniclus Kyurem - GoldenrodTVStation

3-2-2 VilePlume
3-2-1 Reuniclus
3-1-2 Ampharos Prime
3-2 Bronzong Heal Block
2 Kyurem
1 Reshiram EX 
Pichu x 1
Cleffa x 1 
Pokemon = 29

Communication x 3
Pokemon Collector x 3
Rare Candy x 3
PONT x 4
Juniper x 2
Cheren x 2
Catcher x 2
Eviolite x 1
T/S/S = 20

DCE x 3
Fire x 6
Rescue Energy x 2 
Energy = 11

The vileplume/reuniclus combination slows your opponent down by preventing them from using trainers and moving off damage counters forces them to KO you in one shot.  Ampharos prime puts damage on your opponent whenever they attach energy from their hand to their pokemon, helping to get KO's easier.  Kyurem is your main attacker, spreading the damage around the field.  Reshiram EX is a powerful attacker with a high HP meaning while it's on the bench it can hold a lot of damage.  Pichu is to help set the deck up as fast as possible (hopefully to ensure a turn 2 vileplume).

Pokemon Analysis
Focusing on rare candy and communication will easily get you a vileplume without having to manually evolve, so a  3-1-2 line should be fine.  Reuniclus should only be set up once vileplume is out, so a 2-2-2 line should be fine.  That allows you to lose one solosis and decreases the likelyhood that your reuniclus is prized.  Ampharos will likely be set up after vileplume, so I'd run a 2-2-2 line as well.  I don't think you need bronzong since very few decks run anything that heal.  Kyurem is your main attacker, so you'll need 4 of them.  If you're going to run a EX, I'd run shaymin or regigigas.  Shaymin can be a great late game attacker, easily KOing pokemon once your opponent has taken several prizes. Regigigas does more depending on the damage on it, similar to outrage.  I'd drop the cleffa just to make room for some of my suggestions.  A single reshiram as you main attacker just isn't going to work.

Energy Analysis
Since all of your attackers are basics, 4 prism would be a great addition.  You'll need water energy to spread with kyurem, so I'd add in 6 of them. Drop the fire and rescue energies.

T/S/S Analysis
3 communication and 4 candy should get your vileplume out fast (and possibly an ampharos too).  I'd drop the catcher and eviolite since you can only use them before vileplume is up.  Sage's training is a great card for this deck since it helps you get rid of your trainers after vileplume is up.  2-3 of them should work. 1 flower shop will give you a bit of recovery. The most important addition is going to be 4 twins. You'll be behind most of the game since it takes so long to get 3 stage 2 pokemon going with kyurem.  But with twins to help you get set up, you have a chance.  1 cilan will help you get those basic energy out for kyurem if you struggle drawing into them.  

You'll find that getting 3 stage 2 pokemon up is going to be very difficult and slow.  But if you play it right, you may be able to get it all working.  I'd focus on getting the vileplume out first, then building up your bench while you spread with kyurem.  If you find that you're still not doing well, drop the ampharos prime and 1 rare candy, adding in more draw support (elm, juniper, cheren, pont).

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