Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Zekrom Eelektrik Terrakion - TheAnimefan608

3-3 elektrik 
2 zekrom 
1 zekrom ex 
1 mewtwo ex 
1 terrakion 
1 cleffa 
Pokemon = 12

4 collector
3 pont
3 sages
2 juniper
1 flower shop
4 communication
4 junk arm
4 pluspower
3 eviolite
3 catcher
2 switch
2 skyarrow bridge
T/S/S = 35

10 lightning
2 dce
1 prism
Energy = 13

Zekrom and Zekrom Ex are the main attackers, using elektrik that attaches energy from the discard pile to keep a constant stream of energy..  Terrakion a mirror match counter while mewtwo EX counters other mewtwos.

Pokemon Analysis
It doesn't seem like you have enough pokemon in the deck.  I'd recommend at least 1, if not 2 thundurus, as as early game attacker to pull energy out from deck.  I'd also recommend a second zekrom EX.

Energy Analysis
With only one prism, you're limiting terrakion.  If it's prized, terrakion is useless.  So I'd add in a second prism.  With zekrom EX and mewtwo EX, I'd increase your DCE to at least 3 if not 4.  The rest leave as lightning.  If you can find the room, going up to 14 energy may work for you.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
We'll have to make some cuts in this section to make room for the extra pokemon and possibly extra energy.  I'd drop the skyarrow since you can easily pay the energy cost and reattach it with your eels (assuming you don't have a switch or junk arm).  Zekrom lets you hit pretty hard, so you should be safe going down to 2 catcher.  I'd consider swapping 1 of your communication for a level ball to get your eels out easily.  Since you don't run that many pokemon, swapping 2 out for 2 level ball may be a safer play.   You can always reduce your pluspower count to make room for anything else.  2 should be enough, especially with your junk arms. Swap out your flower shop for a super rod so it doesn't waste your supporter for the turn and can lose it to a sage or juniper and still be able to reuse it with junk arm.

You have an excellent deck already!  I hope my suggestions help you out and good luck at states this month!

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