Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Zekrom Eelektrik - AlbinoAbsol

1 Cleffa 
4-4 Eelektrik
2 Thundurus
1 Mewtwo EX
2 Zekrom EX

Pokemon Total = 14

3 Pokemon Collector 
3 Sages Training 
2 Juniper 
2 Cheren 
1 Engineer's 
1 Pont 
1 Twins 
2 Dual Ball 
1 Switch 
3 Catcher 
3 Pokemon Communication 
3 Junk Arm 
3 Level Ball 
3 Eviolite 
1 Skyarrow Bridge 
T/S/S = 33

11 Lightning 
3 Double Colorless Energy 
Energy Total = 14

Eelektrik attaches energy to the bench from the discard pile, quickly powering up pokemon for strong attacks.  Thundurus is a great starter, able to search out energy from the deck as well as hit for 80 by turn 2.  Mewtwo EX is a counter for other Mewtwo's, but is a great all around attacker too.  Zekrom EX is another heavy hitter that discards energy when it attacks.  

Pokemon Analysis
You need more pokemon to take prizes that aren't EX pokemon.  That way you're not losing 2 prize cards when they're KO'd.  The best option is to add in two zekrom.  You can reduce your eelektrik line to 4-3 to help make room.  

Energy Analysis
I'd drop one lightning and add another DCE to help power Mewtwo EX and Zekrom EX up as fast as possible.  

T/S/S Analysis
You don't need skyarrow in this deck, so you can easily drop it for the second zekrom.  With all of your pokemon being basic (except eelektrik which you have the level ball to search out), you don't need communication, which leaves a lot of room in the deck.  Reducing your level ball to 2 and increasing your junk arm to 4 will help you get lightning into the discard pile as well as reuse your trainers.  I'd recommend another switch, mainly because your elektrik are going to be great catcher bait for stalling.  I'd drop one twins, 1 engineers, 2 cheren to make room for my suggestions as well as increase your PONT number.

Zekrom Eelektrik decks work great if you can get a consistent trainer/supporter line.  I hope my suggestions help the deck work a bit faster.  Good luck!

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