Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Durant - hj12mug

4 durant
2 zekrom
2 reshiram
Pokemon Total = 8

6 metal energy
3 lightning energy
3 fire energy
Energy Total = 14

3 super rods
1 juniper
2 pokemon center
2 skyarrow bridge
1 N
2 cheren
1 great ball
2 energy search
3 pokemon comunicaton
2 exp. share
1 leval ball
2 catcher
2 plus power
1 switch
3 energy retrieval
3 revive
2 cilan
2 potion
1 eviolite
Trainer/Supporter = 36

The goal of durant decks is to deck out your opponent. With 4 durant in play, you're discarding 4 cards each turn.  By discarding quite a bit of their deck, you're hopefully preventing them from setting up and getting 6 KO's.  

Pokemon Analysis
There's no reason to have reshiram and zekrom in the deck since the goal is to 'devour' each turn.  The only other pokemon that can help in durant is rotom, which helps if a durant is prized.  Some people also use coballion since it already fits in a metal deck easily.  If you're going to add a coballion, then I'd just add in one rotom.  If you don't do coballion, then adding in some prism energy with rotom (great for KO'ing zekroms) would be the way to go.

Energy Analysis
Adding in 4 special metal will help your durant stay alive longer.  If you have rotom, add 2 prism so you can use it to attack as well as its poke
power.  The rest of the energy can be regular metal.  You shouldn't need to have more than 10 energy in this deck.  

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Now you have plenty of room for trainers/supporter, which are going to ensure that this deck will work.  4 juniper, 4 communication, 2-3 cheren and 2-3 PONT and 1 flower shop should be a good supporter line.  Your trainers should consist of 1 super rod, 2 lost remover, 2-3 crushing hammer, 4 junk arm, 4 dual ball, 3-4 catcher, 2-3 revive and 4 eviolite.

The biggest problem with this deck is that you're not focusing completely on the durant.  It may seem like you need more pokemon, but being able to focus on only your main pokemon and rely on your trainers/supporters to stall your opponent.  Be prepared to mulligan quite a few times, but once you hit a basic pokemon, you should have a nice hand to get you set up on the turn.  

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