Monday, March 12, 2012

Reshiram Typhlosion - Aznboyzful

4-2-4 Typhosion
3 Reshiram
1 Reshiram ex
1 Mewtwo Ex
1 zekrom (could be terrakion)

1 cleffa 
Pokemon = 17

4 sages training
3 plus power
3 communication
3 collector
1 juniper
2 switch
4 junk arm
3 rare candy
1 super rod
2 pokemon catcher
1 professor oaks new theory
T/S/S = 27

2 double colorless
10 fire
3 electric 
Energy = 15

This is a newer version of the popular reshiphlosion deck.  With reshiram EX, you can hit harder, KOing many pokemon that you had to use plus power on before with just the regular reshiram.  Typhlosion is the energy acceleration of the deck, attaching energy to any pokemon from the discard pile. Mewtwo EX is to counter other Mewtwo EX's and zekrom is to counter water types that have the type advantage over this fire deck.

Pokemon Analysis
With lightning decks being the most popular decks in the format right now, it would be a good idea to swap your single zekrom for a terrakion.  Other than that, I see no other changes that I would make to your pokemon lines.

Energy Analysis
15 is a bit too high for this deck.  Since both Mewtwo EX and Reshiram EX rely on DCE, I'd increase it to at least 3, if not 4.  2-3 prism energy will work for terrakion (and in the case that you don't need it, can also be counted as fire).  The rest of the deck should be fire (which should be around 8 depending on how many special energy you put in).

T/S/S Analysis
Once you're set up, you can easily work from the field rather than from your hand, making your deck perfect for N.  I'd swap out sage for N to give your opponent quite a bit of disruption.  The biggest thing that's missing from this deck is more draw power.  I'd add in another 2-3 juniper and another 2-3 PONT.  To help make room for them, I'd reduce the plus power. (Between the energy reduction and plus power reduction, you should have enough for these additions).

You have an excellent deck already!  I see it struggling against speed decks like Zekeels, even with terrakion.  You may need to find some room for twins if you do struggle against that match up since it's something that you're going to be seeing a lot of at tournaments.

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