Sunday, March 11, 2012

Eelktross Cobalion Cincinno and more - SuperWildfire28

3 thundurus 
2 zekrom 
4-3-3 electross  
3 cobalion 
3 durant 
2 ability druddigon 
2-1 cinccino BW 
2 tyrogue 
Pokemon = 27

3 N 
2 juniper 
1 twins 
3 cheren 
1 skyarrow 
1 eviolite 
1 rocky helmet 
3 super rod 
3 switch 
2 catcher 
1 heavy ball 
T/S/S = 21

11 electric energy 
6 metal energy 
Energy = 17

This deck has a little bit of everything.  It has the energy acceleration of eelektrik, discard/disruption of durant, retaliation hitters like coballion and druddigon, and speed hitters like thundurus, tyrogue and cincinno.

Pokemon Analysis
This deck has so much of everything that it doesn't flow well with each other.  First, I'd drop the two tyrogue.  There's not much of a reason to run them since cleffa's aren't played as much.  Energy acceleration is very important in this format, so keeping the eel line in is first.  Eelectross isn't as useful as the stage 1, so I'd only include one of it (its attack is good against chandelure decks).  Zekrom and thundurus work well with eels, so they're also good to keep.  I'd say drop the metal pokemon so you can focus only on lightning.  Cincinno and druddigon aren't bad and work well with eels.  I'd add in another cincinno to make it a 2-2 line.

Energy Analysis
17 is too much energy, so I'd aim for around 12-13.  Dropping the metal and adding some DCE for druddigon, cincinno and zekrom will be perfect.  

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You'll need 4 collector to ensure your bench gets set up fast early in the game.  You aren't able to recover from a bad N (or a N where you have few prizes) so I'd drop it completely and add 2 more juniper and 4 PONT.  You only need one super rod for recover after adding 4 junk arm to be able to reuse any trainer.  You should only need 1 switch as well.  You can afford to pay a retreat cost since you can recover energy with eelektrik, so I'd drop the skyarrow.  Adding 2-3 level ball will help you search for your evolutions.  If you have any more room in the deck, a plus power or two would make a great addition.

Once you decide on a specific strategy for your deck rather than running 8 different types of pokemon, you should find that you're able to set up much easier and faster.  Good luck!   

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