Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Magnezone Eelektrik - MrUnicornturdify

4-4 Eelektrik
3-2-3 Magnezone
3 Druddigon
2 Cleffa
Pokemon = 21

3x Rare Candy
2x Pokeball
4x PokeComm
2x Great Ball
3x Switch
3x Rocky Helmet 
4x Engineer's Adjustments
2x Pokemon Catcher
Trainer/Supporter/Stadium = 23

12x Lightning Energy
4x Rescue Energy
Energy Total = 16

Druddigon is an interesting pokemon in this deck.  It's attack isn't really powerful, but it's ability is a built in rocky helmet.  With rocky helmet added to it, your opponent takes 40 damage when it attacks you, softening them up for Magnezone to come in and take the KO.  Eelekrik ensures that Magnezone always has energy to lost burn for a KO from the discard pile.

Pokemon Analysis
While druddigon is an interesting pokemon, I feel that other pokemon would be better in it's place.  Thundurus would help search out energy as well as get them in the discard pile.  Zekrom EX is a heavy attacker that will also feed the discard pile.  Regular zekrom will also be a powerful attacker.  You should only need one cleffa and a 3-3 eelektrik line, which will help you find room for other additions.

Energy Analysis
16 energy is a bit high, even for a Magnezone deck.  By utilizing other lightning pokemon, you should be able to safely go down to 13, possibly 14 energy.  I wouldn't use rescue at all, focusing only on lightning (possibly some DCE if you run zekrom EX).

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
While you don't have collector, I would highly suggest that you borrow some or go on ebay for some cheap ones.  (They've dropped a bit from $10 each to $8 each on trollandtoad.)  4 of them is going to be critical for a fast set up.  Once you add them, you won't need pokeball or great ball. Engineer's is alright, but I'd prefer 4 N and 3-4 Sage (sage potentially gets more energy in the discard pile than engineers for eelektrik).  If you drop druddigon, then you can safely drop rocky helmet too.  4 junk arm will let you reuse trainers as well as get energy into the discard pile. With junk arm, you should only need 2 switch. 1 super rod will let you get pokemon and energy from the discard pile.  

The lack of collectors is what hurts this deck.  A slow set up means that your magnemites and tynamos are probably going to be catcher'd before they get a chance to evolve. Once that problem is corrected, finding lightning pokemon that can feed the eels better than the druddigon will also speed this deck up quite a bit.

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