Thursday, March 1, 2012

Eelektrik Zekrom Lanturn - MultiTropican

4 Zekrom
3-3 Elektrik (2 40hp tynamo, 1 30hp)
3 Thundurus
2 Emolga
1-1 Lanturn Prime
1 Cleffa
Pokemon Total= 18

12 Electric Energy
Energy Total = 15

4 Pokemon Collector
3 Sage's Training
4 Professor Juniper
4 Pokemon Communication
4 J'Arm
3 Pokemon Catcher
3 Eviolite
1 Rocky Helmet
1 Switch
Trainer/Supporter Total = 27

Eelektrik attaches energy from the discard pile to benched pokemon, allowing you to easily power up your next attacker while your ideal starter, thundurus, discards an energy card when it uses its second attack.  Lanturn does more damage for each energy in play, and can change it's type to water, making is a great counter to fire pokemon as well as some fighting like Donphan.

Pokemon Analysis
I'd drop the emolga to have a bit more room in the deck for Zekrom EX.  This powerful attacker will really help you take out heavier pokemon.  I'd also consider adding in a Mewtwo EX to counter the other Mewtwo EX that's you'll see.  You could probably go down in your zekrom count to 2-3 to make room for these new attackers.

Energy Analysis
If you decide to add in Zekrom EX and Mewtwo EX, it would be best to increase your DCE to 4.  I'd reduce your lightning down to 9-10 to give more room for trainers and supporters.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You have an excellent line of trainers and supporters, so I won't have too much to change.  With eelektrik having such a high retreat cost, I'd add in another switch.  The rocky helmet can easily be removed for this space.  I would prefer to max out the sage and drop the juniper to 3, just so that I can be a bit more selective on what goes into the discard pile.

You have a very well built deck and I'm especially impressed by your excellent trainer and supporter line!  With EX's now in the format, not many decks will be able to stand up to them without running EXs of their own, so I would highly consider adding them in.  You should be able to do well with this deck! Good luck!

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