Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Crobat Roserade - CNevor

2-2 leafeon
3-1-3 crobat
2-1-2 leavanny
2-2 roserade
2 celebi 
Pokemon = 21

4 cheren
1 professor juniper
4 professor oak's new theory
2 pokémon catcher
1 junk arm
2 dual ball
1 energy retrieval
1 super rod
3 rare candy
4 Pokémon communication
3 max potion
T/S/S = 26

6 psychic
6 grass 
Energy = 12

The basic strategy of the deck is to inflict as many special conditions as possible on the active pokemon.  This allows leafeon to hit harder, makes it more difficult for your opponent to attack as well as stay alive.  Roserade applies conditions from the bench, crobat adds them while it attacks, and leafeon can either put your opponent to sleep or attack for 30x the number of special conditions affecting the opposing pokemon. Leavanny is an additional attacker.

Pokemon Analysis
Leafeon and Crobat are your big attackers so I'd increase their lines to 4-4 and 3-2-3.  Amoongus is another pokemon that can inflict conditions from the bench, so I'd add a 2-2 line in.  To make room for these additions, I'd drop the leavanny and celebi.   Celebi just isn't strong enough and another stage 2 pokemon is going to make this deck much slower.  I'd even consider dropping crobat (or reducing it to 2-1-2) and adding in a espeon prime (great mewtwo counter).

Energy Analysis
Roserade can inflict both conditions from the bench if you use rainbow energy so I'd add in 4 of them.  To make room, I'd decrease your psychic and grass energy to 4 each.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You'll need 4 collector to get a full bench early in the game (which means you can drop the dual ball).  Many pokemon can easily one shot your pokemon, so I'd drop the max potion to make room for them.  You'll need seeker and super scoop up to reuse your amoongus and the energy from roserade (2-3 of each).  If you decide to reduce the crobat line you can also reduce the rare candy. I'd increase your juniper to 3-4 for a litle more draw power.  Increasing your junk arm to 4 will let you reuse anything.  I'd add in 1 switch in case something on the bench is catcher'd up to stall. Since you have super rod you can drop the energy retrieval (with 12 energy you shouldn't need that much recovery).

This is an interesting status condition deck who's biggest problem is that a lot of it's pokemon don't have much HP.  Those that do are still easily one shot by many of the powerful EX's in the format.  If you find that you're often behind on prizes, adding a few twins should help you catch up.    

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