Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Terrakion Landorus Donphan - Duckstotherescue

1 Mewtwo-EX 
1 Terrakion NV
2 Druddigon 
3-2 Donphan Prime
2-1 Lucario CoL
1 Landorus 
1-1 Golett 
2 Hitmonlee CoL
Pokemon = 17

2 Life Herb 
1 Potion 
1 Energy Retrieval 
1 Rocky Helmet
1 Eviolite 
1 Switch 
1 Dual Ball 
1 PlusPower
1 Super Rod 
2 Pokemon Communication 
1 Flower Shop Lady 
1 Pokemon Collector 
1 Team Rocket's Trickery 
3 Professor Oak's New Theory 
1 Twins 
1 Professor Elms Training Method
2 Sage's Training 
1 Interviewer'S Questions
1 N  
1 Seeker 
T/S/S = 25

15 Fighting Energy 
1 Double Colorless Energy
2 Prism Energy 
Energy = 18

With Eelektrik variants being one of the most popular decks in the format, going with a straight fighting deck is a good plan.  You have way too many different fighting pokemon though, we need to focus it down a bit.  Donphan Prime, Terrakion, Landorus and Mewtwo are all fast, heavy hitting attackers.  Mewtwo can get the donk in many games, Landorus can get energy back from the discard pile, Donphan is a fast hitter with a lightning resistance making it difficult to KO and terrakion is perfect for revenge KO's with 'retaliate'.

Pokemon Analysis
I would increase the numbers of the 3 fighting pokemon.  3-3 Donphan Prime, 3-4 Terrakion and 2-3 Landorus.  Keep the 1 Mewtwo and add in a cleffa for a fresh hand.  

Energy Analysis
You don't need to use Mewtwo's second attack, just the first, which can use any energy.  So you can drop the prism.  I'd increase the DCE to 2-3 to speed Mewtwo up, and decrease your fighting to 10.  A total of around 12-13 energy should be more than enough for this deck.

T/S/S Analysis
This is where I'm going to have the most suggestions.  Since you don't have any energy acceleration for the deck like typhlosion, emboar or elektrik (there just isn't a good one for fighting pokemon), I'd add in 4 experience share to help you conserve your energy attachments.  I'd drop the rest of the pokemon tools so you can focus on using the experience share.   4 collector will get you a full bench early in the game.  Maxing out your PONT to 4, adding in 2-3 juniper and 2-3 cheren will give you enough supporter draw power to keep a good hand.  Except for the twins, I'd drop all the other supporters (trickery, sage, interviewers, elms, N, seeker, flower shop).  Like the supporter section, I'd drop all your current trainers and go with this - 4 heavy ball, 4 junk arm, 1 switch, 1 super rod.  If you have any more room in the deck, add in some pluspower.

A fighting deck is a good choice with the current format, but you need quite a bit of tweaking to get it working consistently for you.  Eelektrik decks have the advantage of speed, so even though you have the type advantage, without the right trainers and supporters, you won't be able to get set up in time to start attacking.

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