Monday, March 12, 2012

Kyurem Samurott Feraligatr Beartic - krunglothar

2-1-2 Samurott (32)
2-1-2 Feraligatr (Prime)
2-2 Beartic (30)
2 Manaphy
1 Cryogonal (33)
1 Kyurem
1 Kyurem-EX
Pokemon Total - 19

4 Oak´s New Theory
3 Pokemon Communication
3 Pokemon Collector
2 Switch
2 Energy Retrieval
2 Cilan
2 Cheren
2 Rare Candy
2 Pokemon Catcher
1 Fisherman
1 Twins
1 Super Rod
1 Juniper
Trainer/Supporter Total - 26

3 Double Colorless Energy
12 Water Energy
Energy Total - 15 

This deck uses the energy acceleration of feraligatr to power up kyurem or kyurem EX for quick prizes.  While either of those is active, beartic and samurott can be built up on the bench.  Beartic can prevent your opponent from attacking while samurott hits more for each energy attached.

Pokemon Analysis
Getting up multiple stage 2 pokemon is going to be difficult, so I'd suggest dropping the samurott. That should give you a lot of room in the deck and help you get moving faster.  Your deck relies around feraligatr prime getting set up early in the game, so I'd increase the line to a 3-2-3.  I'd drop the cryogonal since your other water basics are much stronger.  I'd also drop the two manaphy for a single cleffa if you want a hand refresher.

Energy Analysis
Sticking to around 13-14 energy will give you a few more spaces in the deck for other cards.  I might even max out your DCE since so many pokemon can use it, and reduce your water down to 9-10.

T/S/S Analysis
It looks like you already have an excellent line of trainers and supporters! I would cnosider adding 4 junk arm to be able to reuse any of your trainers. You should have room for it after dropping some of the cards I suggested earlier.

You have an excellent deck whose only downside is that it needs to run on evolutions.  This is going to slow the deck down significantly.  You'll likely struggle against Mewtwo decks especially with their high speed.  I'd consider running one Mewtwo simply to counter other mewtwos.  You may find that you need to increase your twins count to help you keep up with some of the faster decks.  Good luck!

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