Monday, March 5, 2012

Zekrom Serperior Cinccino - pedronobrega12

3 Zekrom BW
4-2-4 Serperior (Ability) BW
3-3 Cinccino BW
1 Cleffa CL
Pokemon Total = 20
4 Pokemon Collector
4 Professor Oak's New Theory
3 Sage's Training
1 Professor Juniper
4 Rare Candy
4 Pokemon Catcher
4 Pokemon Communication
2 Plus Power
T/S/S Total = 26
4 Double Colorless
7 Lightning
3 Grass
Energy Total = 14
This rogue's deck primary attacker is cincinno because it's the easiest to get set up being a stage 1 and requiring only a DCE.  Zekrom is the secondary attacker since it will take several turns to get the energy on it.  Ability serperior heals one counter in between turns.  With a bench of serperior, you could heal as many as 40 in between turns, making it harder to KO an attacker like zekrom.
Pokemon Analysis
Your lines of pokemon are excellent.  My worry is that your pokemon are easily KO'd by EX pokemon and they don't recover easily enough without any energy acceleration to be able to keep up a stream of hits for those KO'd.
Energy Analysis
14 is a good number for the deck, but if you need room for more trainers/supporters, you should be able to go down to 12, likely dropping the grass energy since you don't have a big need for it.
Trainer/Supporter Analysis
I would swap the sage's training for another draw supporter like cheren or juniper.  If you're going to discard with this deck, you might as well be getting a new hand (juniper).  1 super rod will allow you to recover some pokemon and energy if needed.  While 4 serperior can easily heal the damage zekrom does to itself, it's unlikely that you'll be able to get all 4 out, so I'd add in a few eviolite, possibly droppign the plus power for them. 
You have a deck that's built very well.  The problem that I see is that without an energy acceleration tech, you're going to have a hard time returning KO's, especially against decks running EX's.  However, this does seem like a very good rogue deck and would be fun at league! 

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