Monday, March 12, 2012

Yanmega Serperior Cincinno - thejoefoshooo

3-3 yanmega prime
1 celebi
2-2-2 serperior ability
2 virizion EP
2-2 Cinccino BW
1 tyrouge
1 cleffa

Pokemon = 21

1 switch
1 flower shop
1 juniper
1 skyarrow bridge
2 collector
1 dual ball
3 Pokemon communication
1 twins
3 copycat
3 judge
T/S/S = 20

3 Psychic
10 grass 
Energy = 15

This is a 'heal and hit' deck.  You have attackers like cincinno that just hit the active, yanmega who can hit the active or the bench and virizion who hits and heals itself. Ability serperior helps heal pokemon in between turns.  Cleffa is for a hand refresher and tyrogue is a quick hitter.  Celebi is to attach more energy per turn, helping to speed up the deck. 

Pokemon Analysis
The virizion from NV is a much better pokemon since it lets you draw cards and can do up to 80 each turn.  I would swap the virizions out.  I'd drop the cleffa since you have a draw virizion and drop the tyrogue as well.  It's not worth it to run babies if you can find a way around it (like using virizion instead of cleffa), since donks are more possible with Mewtwo EX in the format.  If you can get multiple serperior on the bench, you can heal quite a bit, so I'd increase your line to 3-2-3. However, all of your pokemon can be KO'd in one hit by many of the EX's anyways.  You don't need much energy to attack in this deck, so I'd drop the celebi.

Energy Analysis
I'd try and stick to around 12 energy for this deck, especially since you don't need much energy to attack.  4 DCE and 8 grass should be all that you need.  

You'll need 4 collector to get your basics on the bench as soon as possible (this will allow you to drop the dual ball).  You'll likely be behind as you try and set up your serperior, so increasing your twins to 2-3 will help.  Instead of flower shop, run super rod with 4 junk arm.  This will let you reuse it, as well as other trainers.  You don't hit very hard, so you'll need 3-4 catcher to target specific (ideally weaker) pokemon.  Increasing your juniper to 2-3 should also help get you going.

Right now this seems more of a fun deck since everything can easily be one shot by an EX.  Your  deck is also a few cards short of 60, so that gives you some room to possibly play around with, adding your own EXs like Mewtwo and Shaymin, which can easily work with what you already have.

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