Thursday, March 1, 2012

Emboar Mewtwo - BlazingxEmber

1 Mewtwo EX
3 Tornadus
2 Reshiram
1 Cleffa
1 Pichu
2-2-2 Emboar
2-1 Zoroark
Pokemon Total = 17

Super Rod x 1
Pokemon Communication x 3
Eviolite x 3
Heavy Ball x 2
Switch x 2
Pokemon Catcher x 3
Sage's Training x 2
Twins x 1
Cilan x 4
Professor Juniper x 1
Trainer/Supporter Total = 22

Fire x 16
Rescue Energy x 2
Double Colorless Energy x 3
Energy Total = 21

Emboar acts as an energy acceleration for the deck, powering up reshiram, tornadus and mewtwo, all of which work well together.  Tornadus attacks and powers up the bench with energy at the same time, reshiram hits for 120 each turn without the additional prize loss of an EX and mewtwo can KO anything in the format with enough energy attached to it and the defending pokemon.

Pokemon Analysis
The emboar is your weak area since it's going to be a catcher target.  If your opponent can disrupt your emboar, then you can't effectively attack.  So I'd increase your emboar to 4-2-3, including an additional badboar rather than having multiple ability emboars in play.  It serves as an additional attacker as well as protecting a pignite that you may have been trying to get to an emboar until you found a rare candy to evolve a benched tepig.

Energy Analysis
21 energy is way too many.  Since mewtwo EX and tornadus can effectively use DCE, I'd max it out to 4.  The rest should be fire energy (9-10), to keep your energy total under 14.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
In the PM, you said that you don't have any collectors.  For any deck to work in this format, you're going to need at least 3, if not 4 of them.  If you're running a deck with Mewtwo EX, it may be better for you to sell it and use part of the money to get staple cards so that you can play a deck that will work.  I would drop your cilan down to 1 (or possibly drop it completly) and increase your draw support.  4 PONT, 3 juniper and 2-3 cheren should ensure that you draw into your energy as well as other things to keep the deck flowing.  You can't use a lot of the discard pile, so I'd drop the sage in favor of more of the other types of draw support that I listed.  This deck relies on a stage 2 pokemon, so you'll need at least 3, possibly 4 rare candy.  I'd also add in 3-4 junk arm to reuse any trainer that you have in the discard pile.

With a bit of tweaking,  you should have a pretty good deck.  If you plan on competing for a while, it really is essential to get a playset of all the staple cards (collector, junk arm, etc...)   Good luck!!

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