Sunday, January 22, 2012

6 Corners - TheAnimefa​n608

4 virizion
2 kyurem
2 terrakion
2 cobalion
1 reshiram
1 victini {v-create}
1 shaymin
Pokemon Total = 12
4 collector
4 pont
4 juniper
2 seeker
1 n
4 catcher
4 junk arm
4 switch
3 eviolite
2 pokegear
Trainer/Supporter Total = 32

5 grass
4 rainbow
4 dce
2 water
Energy Total = 15
This deck is commonly known as 6 corners because of the 6 pokemon that it features.  It attempts to try and 'tech' for everything by having a variety of pokemon types that can counter any other deck.  For example, if you were facing a Eelekrik deck, you'd focus on the terrakions for the fighting weakness.  If you faced durant, you'd focus on the v-create victini.  It can be a fairly difficult deck to play though because of all the options that you have.  Without any energy acceleration, you have to be careful with each energy attachment.
Pokemon Analysis
The types of pokemon you include really depend on what's in your area.  Chandelure Vileplume is a pretty popular deck right now, so I would include a absol prime to counter it.  If you find that there's a lot of durant in your area, including another v-create victini will help.  If you need to drop something to make room for these, I'd suggest lowering the count of virizion. While it's a great starter, you can safely go down to 3, possibly even 2, of them.
Energy Analysis
I'd look at spreading your basic energy out a bit.  Possibly running 1 dark, 1 grass, 2 fighting and 2 water.  I'd add 2 special metal for cobalion and to make room for it, dropping one DCE.  This should help you meet your energy type requirements without necessarily having to rely on rainbow energy.
Trainer/Supporter Analysis
I like to have a little recovery in every deck, just in case, so I'd add in one super rod.  To make room for it, you'll probably be safe dropping one of the switch.  I'm typically find that with 4 juniper in my deck, I may not have a choice in discarding something important, so I would take out a juniper in exchance for one more N since it's great disruption.
You already have an excellent build of the deck.  Perhaps when I catch up on the remaining deck reviews on the blog, I'll make this into a video review.  Thanks for submitting!

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