Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beartic Reuniclus - misterpokemax

4-4 Beartic
2-2-2 Reuniclus
2-2 Zoroark

2 Rare Candy
4 Energy Search
3 Pokemon Catcher
3 Switch
3 Pokemon Collector
3 Fisherman
2 Sages

6 Psychic
10 Water

Beartic's sheer cold attack prevents the defending pokemon from attacking the next turn, meaning it has to retreat to another attacker.  Beartic's relatively high HP could make it difficult to take out, but reuniclus ensure that the it can survive by moving the damage counters around.  Zoroark can copy any defending attack, so it's a great back-up attacker.

Pokemon Analysis
Reuniclus' low HP typically means that it's catcher bait, which is why it's typically paired with vileplume.  This prevents both of you from using trainers, but also means that your opponent has to manually retreat rather than use the trainer switch.  So I would add a 3-1-2 line of vileplume.  I'd focus on your vileplume line up first, then the reuniclus line so it's not catcher'd up.  This will mean some changes to your trainers/supporters, but it should be worth it.  Reuniclus is going to have to have something to move the damage to, so I'd add in 3 kyurem.  Since it's water type, it could be a great secondary attacker as well.  With the new additions, we'll need to make some room, so I'd drop the zoroark.  Having kyurem as a secondary attacker is much stronger than zoroark.

Energy Analysis
You can only run 4 of a special energy, so you'll have to reduce your DCE to 4.  Reuniclus is a terrible attacker, so I'd drop the psychic energy completely.  The 10 water should be all that you need.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Since you're running vileplume we'll have to drop all the trainers except for 2 to help you get vileplume into play - 3 communication and 3 rare candy.  Maxing out your sage will help you draw into them early game and help you get rid of them later in the game when you can't use them.   4 collector will help you get your bench filled up.  You'll likely be behind on prizes as you try and set up your vileplume, so you'll need 4 twins to help you get set up.  1 flower shop will serve as your recovery, although if you find that you're losing a lot of basic energy in your games, 1 fisherman should be okay.  The rest of the deck should go to draw power - 4 PONT, 2 juniper, 2-3 cheren and possibly a few N to disrupt your opponent late in the game.

With the addition of kyurem and vileplume, I think this deck has a bit more potential in this format.  Even if you only use kyurem for outrage, you could still deal out quite a bit of damage with it by moving damage counters to it with reuniclus.  Good luck!

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