Friday, January 20, 2012

Donphan Machamp - BananaZ0Rz

4-3 Donphan Prime
3-1-3 Machamp Prime
2-2 Zoroark
1 Tyrogue
Pokemon Total = 19

3 Juniper
4 Collector
4 Communication
4 Catcher
3 Junk Arm
3 Rare Candy
2 Plus Power
1 Switch
Trainer/Supporter Total = 28

7 Fighting
2 Rainbow
Energy Total = 13

Overall Strategy
This is one of my favorite decks that I typically admire, but never play due to liking something else better.  The goal is to start out with a donphan prime, fill up the bench and start earthquaking.  By putting damage on your end, you're powering up machamps second attack which hits more for each damaged pokemon on the bench.  Both attackers not only have great attacks, but are difficult to knock out because of machamp's high HP and donphan's pokebody.  Zoroark is there as a back-up attacker, being able to copy any of the defending pokemon's attacks for only a DCE.  This deck was submitted several months ago, and while I wanted to do a deck review for it, I just didn't have the time, so hopefully a blog review will do. 

Pokemon Analysis
With pokemon catcher in the current format, I think your machamp line would be better as a 4-1-3, or if there's a lot of trainer lock in your area, a 4-2-3.  I would prefer to swap the tyrogue for a cleffa just in case you get a terrible start or need to stall later in the game.  Other than that, I don't really have any suggestions.  A 4-4 line of donphan would be more consistent, but that space might be better with trainers/supporters.

Energy Analysis
Initially I had thought about dropping the rainbow energy and increasing the fighting, but I can see many situations where being able to add an additional damage counter to a benched pokemon with no damage to get that extra damage output from machamp could be useful.   So I'd leave your energy as is.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Instead of the 3rd juniper I'd add a super rod so you have a little recovery, just in case.  Other than that, I have no changes to suggest.  Since I suggested adding a couple of cards in the pokemon section, to make room for them you could probably drop a communication and a catcher.  Or you might be safe by dropping the pluspowers, since they're situational.  I'd love to see another junk arm, but it's certainly not necessary.

With lightning being one of top tier decks at the moment, I think this deck still has a great shot in tournament!  It's already a very consistent build, and I think my few tweaks are only because the format differs so much from a few months ago.  Thanks for submitting!

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