Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Eelekrik Raichu Lanturn - Arunnereon

3 Thunderus
4-4 Lanturn
3-2 Raichu
3-3 Eelektrik
2-1-2 Ampharos
2 Cleffa
Pokemon Total = 29

2 Collector
4 Communication
1 Interviewers Questions
3 Engineers Adjustments
1 Rare Candy
1 Revive
1 Twins
2 Junk Arm
1 Plus Power
Trainer/Supporter Total = 16

1 Double Colourless Energy
14 Lightning Energy
Energy Total = 15

Pokemon Analysis
Eelekrik variants are currently one of the biggest decks in the format right now.  There's a variety of pokemon that you can pair with the eel to be able to recycle your energy to continue to attack.  While ampharos' energy acceleration attack can help you get started, it's going to be difficult to get up early in the game since it's a stage 2 and with pokemon catcher in the format.  You already have quite a few pokemon in this deck, so I'd like to see the number reduced to make room for more trainers and supporters.  I'd also recommend reducing the cleffa down to 1, since you don't always need it.  If you find as you playtest that you're still having trouble setting up, I'd consider reducing the lanturn line as well (3-2).

Energy Analysis
While I can see that the DCE might help, I don't think it's needed.  To be able to commit more space to trainer/supporters, I'd just run 13 lightning energy.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You'll want 4 collector for a fast start to fill up your bench.  By taking ampharos out, you no longer need the rare candy.  Instead of revive, I'd add in super rod, just in case you need to put an evolution back into the deck to reuse.  I like that you have 3 engineers to put lightning energy in the discard pile, but I'd also add in 3-4 sage and max out your junk arm at 4.  By adding in shuffle/draw cards, you won't need the interviewers either.  I'd consider 2 juniper, 3-4 PONT and if you have the room, possibly a cheren or two.

You'll definitely need a single switch in case something is catcher'd up before it's ready, or to get out of a sleeping cleffa.  It's also great for being able to 'dynamoter' your bench and then switching into the powered up pokemon.  Adding 2-3 catcher will help ensure that you can get set up (stall by bringing up heavy retreaters), and get the crucial knockouts (bring up pokemon for KO before they can get powered up).  I like the single twins, just in case, but if you find that you don't have room, it should be easy to play the deck without it.  The plus power is another card that can be useful, but it you need the room for more important things, can easily be taken out.

I really like seeing all the ideas people have been coming up with to utilize the 'dynamoter' ability of Eelekrik, and this deck is no exception.  By streamlining your pokemon lines and increasing your trainers and supporters, you should do very well with this deck!  Thanks for submitting it!

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