Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Typhlosion Reshiram Magmortar - WindWakerStudios

2 Zekrom
2 Reshiram
3-2 Raichu HgSs
3-2-3 Typhlosion Prime
1-1 Magmortatr HgSs
1 Rotom Undaunted
1-1-1 Emboar
Pokemon Total = 23

3 Pokemon Communication
2 Junk Arm
2 Prof.Oaks Theory
2 Prof. Elms training Method
2 Energy Retrieval
4 Energy search
1 Rare Candy
1 Energy switch
Trainer/Supporter Total =17

8 Electric energy
10 Fire Energy
2 Double Colorless
Energy Total = 20

Pokemon Analysis
I understand including electric pokemon to cover your fire pokemon's weakness to water.  However, your pokemon lines don't really work well together.  You have so many pokemon and energy in the deck that you don't have enough room for the trainers/supporters you'll need to really get this deck working.  I'd recommend dropping the rotom, emboar, raichu and magmortar.  Basically, I'd make this a reshiram typhlosion deck with a couple of zekrom in to cover your weakness, however, with reshiram hitting for 120, the current water decks really don't have that strong an advantage over you.  You still have to worry about water pokemon with alternate weaknesses like kyurems weakness to metal or feraligatrs weakness to grass. Electric really just isnt dependable for weakness coverage.  You can still use it's first attack with just outrage.  I'd increase your line of reshiram to 4, typhlosion to 4-2-4 and add in one cleffa.  

Energy Analysis
With typhlosion being your energy acceleration, I'd drop the lightning and the DCE.  If you want to add some more energy, a couple of rescue energy to be able to reuse your reshiram.

Trainer/Supporter Analyisis
4 collector will help you fill up the bench fast.  Increase your junk arm to 4, rare candy to 3 and add in around 3 catcher and 1 switch. You shouldnt need energy switch or energy search.  More hand refreshers/draw power will help you get those energy into your hand.  4 professor oaks new theory, 2 juniper,  a few N and a few cheren should be able to help you get what you need.  You shouldn't need elms training method because you can always use the combination of collector/communication (it's more consistent than elm as your supporter for the turn).

As your deck stand now, it's too spread out to be able to be able to get set up.  Focusing on only a few of your pokemon lines, decreasing your energy and increasing your trainers and supporters will help you really get set up.  If you don't like the idea of running a reshiphlosion deck (possibly too meta for you), i'd look into some of the electric lines with Eelektrik as energy acceleration.  Raichu Eelekrik hasn't been recognized as a meta deck, yet it's fairly powerful and might be something fun to try out.   Thanks for submitting!

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  1. Yeah this would,ve helped me alot. I did get thrugh BR with this deck but just barely. That season i ended up dropping the deck for...to be honest i cant really remeber. But i got through cities and states went to nationals and lost. Thanks for the extremley well comprehensive deck review. THis was my first deck i made myself. anyways thanks alot.