Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ambipom/Weavile - ThePokeSpear

3-3 Ambipom (TM)
3-3 Weavile
2-2 Slowking
2-2 Donphan
2-2 Vileplume
1 Cleffa
1 Tyrogue
1 Boufallant
Pokemon Total = 27

2 Rare Candy
4 Pokemon Collector
3 Professor Juniper
4 Seeker
2 Judge
2 Elm
Trainer/Supporter Total = 21

4 Double Colorless
4 Rainbow
4 Special Dark
Energy Total = 12

This is a deck that was submitted several months ago, that sadly I'm just now getting around to reviewing. It was a great deck that may not have been meta, but once set up, worked amazingly well!  I intended to do a video for it, but just haven't had the time.

Deck Strategy
This is a disruption deck.  When weaville evolves, you get to discard one of your opponents cards in their hand.  Ambipoms first attack lets you randomly choose 2 of the cards in your opponents hand and shuffle them back in.  Slowking lets you rearreange the top cards of your opponents deck, so once you bring down their hand size, you control what they draw into.  Vileplume prevents them from using trainers, meaning that if  you can get set up, you can discard non-trainers and force them to draw into more trainers.  Hopefully this prevents them from playing their deck like they intend and allow you to take slow knockouts with boufallant and donphan.

Pokemon Analysis
I like the combination of weaville and slowking, but ambipom may not fit in as well.  Since it requires your opponent to shuffle, you wouldn't be able to use slowking's power on their deck and they could potentially draw into something they can use.  Donphan is a great attacker, but without being able to use switch, he'll often be stuck in the active position.  If your opponent is running a deck that snipes or spreads, without reuniclus to move around that damage, you're going to be in trouble.  I'd look at something that has a free retreat as your main attacker, like yanmega prime or something that can utilize the DCE like cincinno.  Otherwise, possibly run a dodrio to help with the retreat costs. I'd run a 3rd oddish with pokemon catcher being in the format and a gloom.  Instead of tyrogue, I'd run pichu instead to help you get those oddishes out the first turn.

Energy Analysis
I don't have any suggestions to the energy line since it works well for your pokemon lines (even if you switch some of them up as I've suggested).

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
I find that when running vileplume, 3 rare candy and 3 communication are what's needed to get it out consistently on turn 2.   If you decide to include yanmega, I'd increase the number of judge and add some copycat as well.  To make room for them, dropping the seeker, a juniper and elm should work.  Vileplume decks typically aren't able to take the first prize, so I'd include 3-4 twins to ensure that you're getting set up as fast as possible.

I don't have that many suggestions for the deck, and the ones I have now are only because the game has changed a bit in the past 6 months with the release of newer sets.  I apologize again for taking so long to get your review done, but despite the lag in time, I think this is still an excellent disruption deck with some "rogue" potential!

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