Monday, January 2, 2012

Reshiram Typhlosion - CuttingEdge3078

4-2-4 Typholosion Prime
3 Reshiram
1 Cleffa
1 Tyrouge
3-1 Ninetails
Pokemon Total = 19

4 Rare Candy
4 Pokemon Collector
4 Junk Arm
4 Pokemon Communication
1 Energy Retrieval
3 Professer Juniper
3 Pokemon Catcher
2 Plus Power
1 Revive
Trainer/Supporter Total = 29

12 Fire Energy

Pokemon Analysis
If you find that you're seeing a lot of trainer lock decks, then adding another quilava would help.  Unless you're running a lot of revives and rescue energy, I think you need to go with 4 reshiram rather than three.  You don't necessarily need the tyrogue, even though it can come in handy.  It's easily sniped or taken out if not sleeping.  I'd go with a more consistent line of ninetales with 2-2.  When you run one of a card, you risk having it prized and wasting bench space (or in this case, losing draw power as well).

Energy Analysis
I'd add in some rescue energy and take out a couple of fire, but that's minor adjustment that shouldn't matter too much. Straight fire is more consistent, but if you stick with that, I typically like to recommend more revives.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
There's not much that I can suggest here except possibly adding one more revive if you don't run any rescue energy.  3 juniper in a deck always worries me a bit, so possibly dropping one in exchange for another retrieval, a switch (in case you don't want to burn your energy for the retreat or have a sleeping baby) eviolite, additional PONT or cheren (either one for a bit more draw power).  You could also consider N, since once you're set up, you can live off of the field and it doesnt matter if you have 10 cards in your hand or 1.

You already have a very consistent list of reshiphlosion, which is why my review isnt that long.  I'm thinking that since you submitted it, perhaps you're finding that it isn't doing as well as you expected, so possibly the few minor suggestions I've added will help you out.  Thanks for submitting it!

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