Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Magnezone Ampharos and more - MrPokeboy2000

1-1 ursaring
1 hitmonchan
1 hitmonlee
1 hitmontop
1 groudon
1-1 jolteon
2-2-1 ampharos prime
1-1 lucario
2-2-1 magnezone prime
1-1 donphan
2-2-1 pidgeot
Pokemon Total = 27

1 life herb
1 rare candy
2 professor oak's new theory
3 seeker
2 communication
2 black belt
3 twins
2 interviewers questions
1 engineers adjustments
1 professor elms training method
Trainer/Supporter Total = 18

4 rescue energy
6 fighting energy
5 electric energy
Energy Total = 15

Pokemon Analysis
You have way too many different pokemon to effectively be able to use them all.  It would be better to focus on increasing the numbers of the pokemon that you work well together.  While good basics can often work well together, you're going to have a hard time finding your evolution lines since there's such a low number of them.  Having multiple stage 2 pokemon is going to be difficult to run as well since something can easily be catcher'd up and KO'd before it has a chance to evolve.  I don't really like your basic fighting pokemon.  None are incredibly strong with great attacks.  Donphan however, is a great pokemon, even in the non-prime form.  It relies on a flip, however, we can counter that by adding a few victini to the deck.  So a strong line of donphan (4-3 or 4-4) with 2 victini, should give you a great attacker.  Donphan is great in the current format because of all the electric decks around.  However, magnezone prime is one of the best cards in the format since it acts a draw engine and can also knock out anything in one hit if is has enough energy to lost burn.  So I'd increase your magnezone line to a 4-2-3.  This will ensure that you can keep up your draw power as well as attack.  All the other pokemon in the deck can be dropped. I'd add in a cleffa for new hands/potential stalling, but that's it.

Energy Analysis
Donphan can benefit from DCE, so I'd add in 4 of them.  That brings your energy count up to 15 which should give you more than enough energy for many lost burns with Magnezone.  If you find you need more room in the deck you can reduce each type of energy by one to bring the total down to 13.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You have quite a few good trainers and supporters already, but I think there's several changes that can be made to get this deck working.  4 collector will ensure a fast start by filling up the bench.  3 rare candy with 3-4 communication will help get your evolutions out rather than using elm (you can just drop it).  I like the 3 twins since this deck might lose a few pokemon before being able to really start attacking, but I'd either just stick with 3 twins or go with 2 twins and 1 black belt rather than having high numbers of both.  You'll need more shuffle and draw power to help you get set up.  4 PONT, possibly juniper or sage, 2-3 cheren and around 3 N will help you draw into what you need.  I'd cut out the engineers so you don't have to waste energy as well as the interviewers since I think with all the shuffle/draw power and the high energy count, you won't have a problem getting energy.  For a little recovery, I'd recommend a super rod and 4 junk arm so you can reuse it or any other trainer in your deck.  Pokemon catcher will help you drag up easy pokemon for KO's (include 2-3) or bring up something to stall while you get set up.  I'd  drop the life herb and seeker.  Since you have some heavy retreaters, I'd add in 2 switch.  That might save something from being KO'd as well as bring up something that has a type advantage.

I think once you streamline your deck to only a few pokemon that have strong lines and work well together, you'll find that you'll be able to perform much better with this deck.  Enjoy!

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