Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Donphan Cincinno Zoroark - aj47hero

3-3 donphan
2-2 cinccino
2-2 zoroark
1-1 muk
1 manaphy
1 aipom
1 zekrom
Pokemon Total = 21

 1 judge
1 juniper
1 cheren
1 flower shop
3 oak
3 collector
4 communication
2 plus power
4 catcher
2 switch
1 junk arm
Trainers/Supporter Total = 23

8 Fighting
2 Lightning
2 sp. dark
2 basic dark
1 Psychic
1 Rescue
Energy Total = 19

This deck doesn't have a primary attacker, but instead includes a variety of pokemon to try and expose the opponents weaknesses.  Since it only runs stage 1's, it can attack fairly fast for little energy.  The trick will be making the right decision on what pokemon to use.

Pokemon Analysis
I would swap out the manaphy for a cleffa since not only does it give you a larger hand size, doesn't have an energy cost and can also be used to stall.  You have a few too many lines of pokemon going on.  I've seen muk sucessfully used in mew variants, and aipom in vileplume variants, but that's it.  I'd drop both of them.  I'm not a fan of the zekrom, but I could see where it might come in handy after collecting a lot of damage for outrage.  I'd focus on increasing your 3 main attackers, donphan, cincinno and zoroark.  Cincinno is going to be useful only with a full bench, so it's something you might want to max out so you can use it early in the game.  I'd also max out your donphan since it's energy cost is so low.

Energy Analysis
You have a very high energy amount which is one of the reasons why I suggested dropping some of the various pokemon lines.  Having things more streamlined will help you draw into what you need.  I'd recommend 4 DCE since both zoroark and cincinno can utilize it, and 8 fighting energy for donphan.  12 should be enough energy for the deck.  If you wanted to add anything else, I'd consider 2 rescue energy in case you need to reuse zoroark since you don't run a high number of it.  But you should be fine with just DCE and fighting.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
4 collector will help you get your bench set up as fast as possible.  Your flower shop can be swapped for a super rod that can be re-used if needed by increasing your junk arms to 4.  By increasing the junk arms, you can safely reduce the catcher to 2-3.  You don't really benefit from a small hand size, so I'd drop the judge and include more draw power like an additional 1-2 juniper, 1-2 more cheren and maxing out your PONT.  By increasing your draw power, you should have no problem getting the energy you need throughout the game.

This deck still has quite a bit of potential since one of it's primary attackers can exploit the weakness of one of the most popular decks - Eelektrik variants.  By focusing your pokemon lines and reducing your energy, you've left quite a bit of room to increase your draw support, which should make it easier to set up.

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