Monday, January 16, 2012

Zekrom Typhlosion Reshiram - LegoBoy1216

1-1 slowking prime
1 cleffa
1 tyrogue
1 zekrom
3 reshiram
2-1-1 typhlosion prime
3-2-3 jumpluff
Pokemon Total = 20

1 lost remover
1 energy switch
1 switch
1 plus power
1 rare candy
1 junk arm
2 scoop up
3 pokeball
4 oaks theory
4 energy retreval
4 pokemon communication
4 twins
Trainer/Supporter Total = 27

1 rescue energy
1 pyscic
1 rainbow
3 lightning
3 fire
4 grass
Energy Total = 13

Pokemon Analysis
This certainly isn't your typical typhlosion prime list since it includes 3 pokemon that you typically don't see in this deck - zekrom, slowking prime and jumpluff. While jumpluff can be a strong attacker, his low HP is just not enough for this format.  Since it's a stage 2, it's going to be a slow pokemon to get going unless you can easily draw into the rare candy.  For other fire decks, it's going to be an easy KO.  I'd try and focus on zekrom as an addition to the deck if you wanted something other than the typical reshiphlosion.  By adding 2 more zekrom and removing jumpluff, you should be able to handle any water deck that might give your fire pokemon trouble.  Zekrom is also great in many other match-ups, so it's certainly the better choice when compared to jumpluff.  I'd drop the slowking prime since it's just going to be catcher bait in a deck like this.  Tuning your trainers/supporters so you can draw into what you need will be more beneficial than wasting a bench space for a pokemon to help you draw.  It doesn't have that great of an attack either.  I'd increase your typhlosion prime to at least a 3-1-2 to ensure that you'll be able to use it.

Energy Analysis
Without the jumpluff and slowking, you won't need the rainbow, psychic or grass energy since you can focus on just lightning and fire.  If you wanted, you could also drop the lightning completely and just include 4 rainbow so that you could use it for both zekrom and reshiram, depending on what you need for a particular match.  Rescue energy is always useful, but you might want to increase it to 2.  I'd increase your fire to 7 to bring your energy total back up to 13.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
4 pokemon collector will help you get your bench full early in the game.  I'd include at least 2, if not 3, rare candy to help typhlosion evolve faster.  It's great that you have your communication maxed out, but I'd also add in 4 junk arm in case you need to reuse it or another other trainer. 2-3 catcher will help you take KO's on crucial pokemon in your opponents deck.  Another plus power will help you be able to get the KO on just about anything your opponent can throw at you.  In addition to the 4 PONT, I'd also include 2 juniper and 2-3 cheren for draw power.  You can reduce your energy retrieval to 2 and add in one super rod to be able to put pokemon and energy from your discard pile back into your deck.  You should be safe reducing your twins down to 2 as well since your opponent may have a hard time getting early KO's on your pokemon with larger HPs.  Any trainer that I haven't discussed yet can be safely dropped to make room for my suggestions.

This is a bit of a different take on the standard reshiphlosion deck.  I think the jumpluff would really slow it down, allowing your opponent to get a few easy KO's.  By focusing on just the reshiram and zekrom as your big attackers, your opponent should hopefully struggle to get consistent KO's, giving you time to set up your typhlosion.  Hope my suggestions help!!

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