Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lanturn Yanmega - TheNubilicious

3-3 lanturn prime
4-3 yanmega prime
2-2 zorua
1 manaphy
1 cleffa
1 tornadus
Pokemon Total = 20

4 pokemon collector
3 copycat
2 judge
2 prof, oak new theory
2 prof. juniper
4 junk arm
3 pokemon catcher
4 pokemon communication
2 switch
3 plus power
Trainer/Supporter Total =  29

7 lightning energy
4 double colorless
Energy Total = 11

This was a deck that was submitted during Fall Battle Roads, but with reviewing decks for Regionals and school, I just didn't have time to do the video review that I intended to do on it.  This deck primarly relies on yanmega prime to attack with no energy while being able to build up lanturns on the bench.  The more energy on the field, the harder lanturn hits. Tornadus is a great attacker as well since it moves energy back onto the bench after it does damage.

Pokemon Analysis
In a later version of the deck, you added a small ZPS line  - 1 zekrom, 1 pachirisu and 1 shaymin.  I think this is still the stronger deck and would probably add ina second zekrom (great against durants).  Dropping the manaphy and tornadus helps make room for this change.

Energy Analysis
The DCE is essential for getting lanturn powered up fast and since zekrom can use it as well, it should definitely remain maxed out.  Since you want a lot of lightning energy to be able to utilize pachirisu, leaving the remaining energy in the deck as lightning is perfect.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
I like to have a little recovery in the deck, just in case.  So one super rod should be all that you need.  Other than that, I really don't have any other suggestions for the deck.  I might swap one of the pluspowers and a copycat for 2 N, and drop a communication to make room for the super rod.  But that just fits my personal play style.

This is an excellent deck that can counter a lot of the big decks today with the ability to snipe and to counter several different types of pokemon.  While this was submitted months ago, it could still stand a chance in tournament today with a few tweaks, depending on the meta in your area.

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