Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kingdra Cincinno -ccastan15

3-1-3 kingdra (2 prime, 1 non)
4-4 cinccino
1-1 zoroark
2 manaphy
Pokemon Total = 19

4 double colorless
2 rescue
6 water
Energy Total = 12

4 rare candy
4 junk arm
3 communication
2 dual ball
2 collector
2 revive
1 flowershop
1 twins
4 pluspower
3 oaks
2 elms
Trainer/Supporter Total = 28

Pokemon Analysis
This is one of my favorite non-meta decks and one that I have built currently.  I prefer a single cleffa over the manaphy since it's something that you may never use in a game.  With catcher, I'd like to increase the horsea number to 4 as well as add in another seadra in case you encounter a lot of trainer lock.  I'd include one more kingdra prime so that in case one if prized, you can ensure getting at least 2 set up fairly early.

Energy Analysis
Perfect, I wouldn't change a thing.  Maxing out your DCE is perfect since both zoroark, cincinno and the non-prime kingdra can utilize them, rescue is going to help you reuse your pokemon and water is for attacking  with kingdra (just in case).

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
I'd max out your collector to 4 instead of having a combination of dual ball and collector.  I'd swap your flower shop for a super rod since it doesn't use your supporter for the turn and you can reuse it with junk arm.  I'd drop the pluspower since kingdra will allow you to put the additional damage on that you need.  You can also drop the revive and the elm since you need at least 2-3 catcher in the deck as well as some more shuffle/draw power.  In addition to the 3 oaks, I'd consider adding in 2 juniper and some cheren (2-3).

I don't have too many suggestions for your deck since it already appears to be pretty consistent.  The slight change in trainers/supporters should help you get set up a little faster.  If you find that you need a little more room in the deck, you may be able to drop the zoroark line since hitting for 100 with spreading damage counters should be enough to take out quite a few different types of pokemon.

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