Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chandelure Yanmega - KennethXEcker

4-3-3 Chandelure
2-2 Yanmega Prime
2-1-2 Crobat Prime
2-2 Dodrio
Pokemon Total = 23

2 Professor Juniper
2 Judge
3 Copycat
4 Rare Candy
3 Cheren
3 Pokemon Collector
3 Twins
3 Pokemon Communication
3 Switch
Trainers/Supporter Total = 26

7 Psychic Energy
4 Rescue Energy
Energy Total = 11

Chandelure's ability allows it to place 3 damage counters on the opponents benched pokemon in any way you like.  It's attack is costly, but worth it - for 2 psychic and a colorless, you do 60, confuse and burn your opponent.  The confusion really makes your opponent question whether it's worth it to attempt to attack or if they should just retreat into something else.  With dodrio in play, you get free retreat, meaning you can switch back and forth between chandelure easily to reuse the ability again, spreading more damage.  As long as you have equal hand sizes, yanmega prime attacks for free and allows you to continue spreading damage, being able to take KO's on the bench.  Crobat prime can snipe as well for a single psychic energy as well as triple poisoning the active.

Pokemon Analysis
I think the crobat line is a bit too much with both the chandelure and yanmega.  I'd drop the crobat line, increase your dodrio to 3-3 since it's susceptible to catcher and add 2 jirachi.  Having 2 dodrio set up will also help if one is catcher'd up just to stall (free retreat doesn't work on an active dodrio unless there's another dodrio on the bench).   Spreading damage and then taking multiple prizes with jirachi works extremely well together and can cripple your opponent late game.  Jirachi can also make use of the psychic energy in the discard pile.

Energy Analysis
With an increased dodrio line you might be safe going to 3 rescue and 8 psychic which will help you get chandelure powered up faster as well as ensuring that there will be energy in the discard pile for jirachu late in the game.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Increasing your pokemon collector to 4 will help you get a full bench early in the game.   If you don't add another collector, a pichu could be an excellent addition too.  I'd max out your communication since you have several different lines of pokemon going on.  Since you can really abuse chandelure's ability with switch, I'd max it out to 4 and include 4 junk arm as well.  To make room, you can safely drop the cheren, a rare candy and possibly the juniper if needed.  I'd also add 2 catcher and a super rod for a bit of recovery.

I think once you drop the crobat line to really focus on chandelure and yanmega, you'll be able to set up a lot faster, spreading that damage with chandelure while you build up a chandelure with energy and yanmegas on the bench.  Good luck!

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