Monday, January 23, 2012

Blastoise Floatzel - BlastzelDeck

3-2-3 Blastoise
2-2 Floatzel
2-1-2 Kingdra prime
1 Manaphy
1 Tyrouge
2-2 Zoroark
Pokemon Total = 23

4 Double Colorless Energy
10 Water Energy
Energy Total = 14

x1 Cheren
x1 Dual Ball
x1 Energy Retrieval
x1 Flower Shop Lady
x3 Junk Arm
x2 Pokemon Catcher/Reversal
x2 Pokemon Collector
x3 Pokemon Communication
x3 Prof. Oak New Theory
x3 Rare Candy
x2 Switch
x1 Twins
Trainers/Supporter Total = 23

Blastoise is the main attacker of the deck, able to snipe anywhere on the field for 100.  The downside is that it must return 2 energy attached to blastoise back to your hand after it attacks.  So it's often paired with an energy acceleration like feraliagtr or floatzel that can constantly add energy.  Kingdra prime allows for damage counters to be placed each turn, making it easier to one shot pokemon, even on the bench.

Pokemon Analysis
With catcher being common in every non-trainer lock deck, I'd recommend increasing your number of basics as well as your floatzel line.  Blastoise should be 4-2-3, kingdra 3-1-2 and floatzel 3-3.  I prefer a single cleffa over manaphy.  Tyrogue isn't necessary and dropping it would help make room to increase your lines.  While I want to drop zoroark to help make room, since everything in your deck is weak to lightning it's just needed too much to afford dropping.

Energy Analysis
Since I'm suggesting that you add several pokemon, you may need to drop two water energy to make room for them.  12 energy for this deck should be enough.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
I'd max out your collector and drop the dual ball.  Since we now have super rod, it's a perfect swap for the flower shop lady.  If still need more space in the deck, you can easily drop one switch or even just swap a switch for a junk arm (I like having the possibility of using a 4th 'anything' rather than fixating on only one option).  Once you get set up, you don't necessarily need to rely on your deck, just your field, which is perfect for the supporter N.  I would probably swap the cheren out for a N, possibly dropping a PONT to increase the N to 2.

Blastoise variants are one of my favorite decks (likely because it's one of my favorite pokemon).  With all the lightning in the format, we don't see many of them around anymore, but it's still an excellent deck that had a good chance of seeing tournament play in the future.

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