Monday, January 16, 2012

Feraligatr Kyurem Beartic - cowheadman

3-1-3 Samurott (ability)
3-0-3 Feraligator (prime)
2-2 Beartic (holo)
4 Kyurem
1 Cleffa
Pokemon Total = 22

2 Rescue Energy
14 Water Energy
Energy Total = 16

1 N
4 Rare Candy
3 Interviewer's Questions
4 Pokemon Collector
3 Pokemon Communication
2 Energy Retrieval
3 Pokemon Catcher
1 Junk Arm
1 Flower Shop Lady
Trainer/Supporter Total = 22
Pokemon Analysis
If you run up against trainer-lock, you're going to really struggle since you have no way to get up a feraligatr outside of rare candy.  I've seen the best kyurem feraligatr deck run a heavy feraligatr line to ensure getting it out turn 2.  That means a 4-2-4 line.  I like the beartic line in the deck, but would consider dropping the samurott line to make room for the increased feraligatr line. Kyurem should be your main attacker anyways since glaciate is going to spread quite a bit of damage.  It will also allow you to use twins since glaciate will delay prizes for you.
Energy Analysis
I don't really have any suggestions for your energy count.  You'll need a high number to keep kyurems consistently powered up or for a retreat cost if feragatr is catcher'd up.  If you really need another card though, you could probably drop 2 of the water energy if you have recovery from the discard pile.
Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Instead of the flower shop lady, I'd swap it out for a super rod instead that you could reuse if necessary with junk arm (which I'd also increase to at least 3 if not 4).  In addition to the 2 energy retrieval, I'd add in 2 fisherman as well. It'll not only help with trainer lock, but if feraligatr is constantly catcher'd up, you may not always have a switch/junk arm for the switch (which I recommend adding at least one, if not two of).   Since glaciate won't be getting you early prizes, I'd utilize twins as much as possible (3-4).  That should ensure that you can get set up and can keep spreading.
With more draw power (2 juniper, increased N or adding PONT), you should be able to reduce your reliance on the interviewers, allowing you to decrease it to 1-2.  To further make room for some of my suggestions, I'd reduce the catcher to 2.  I might even drop a rare candy now that you don't have samurott (although that does reduce the chances of you being able to get the turn 2 feraliatr).  If you need any more room, reducing the water energy count will help. 
You have a very powerful deck already, it's only flaw is that feraligatr will be catcher'd up to stall, so you'll need to prepare for it by adding in extra recovery cards if you need to toss a lot of energy as well as switch.  Even so, decks that spread damage will eventually get you multiple prizes on a turn.  With the high HP of kyurem, you should pose a real threat to the meta!

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