Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Reshiram Emboar - TheThePokemonFan

3 Reshiram
3-2-3 Emboar Ability
2-2 Ninetails
2 Cleffa
1-1 Rayquaza Deoxys legend
Pokemon Total = 19

3 communication
2 Scoop up
2 rare candy
4 Pokemon collector
2 Engineer's adjustments
2 Fisherman
4 Energy Retreval
3 Junk Arm
4 Plus Power
Trainer/Supporter Total = 28

11 Fire energy
3 Lighting energy
Energy Total = 14

Pokemon Analysis
Since Reshiram is your main attacker, I'd increase the count to 4.  You have a pretty strong line of ability emboar, but I'd probably add in one more tepig and make the 3rd emboar the 'bad boar'.  While it doesnt have the great ability, it's a secondary attacker (if you keep the reshiram at 3, having another big attacker is important).  You'll probably be fine with just one cleffa since you may not need it in every game anyways.  I like the 1-1 legend since you can surprise your opponent at the end of the game by taking the last two prizes.

Energy Analysis
You have a strong number with enough lightning to be able to draw into it, but not too much to clutter your hand until you need it.  I wouldn't change it.  If you find that you really need the space for one or two more cards though, you could probably safely drop the energy count down, but since you have the ninetales draw power, you'll likely need the higher count.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You have a great start with 4 collector and 3 communication. Since this deck relies on being able to get energy back from the discard, I like the high number of energy retrieval and fisherman.  I'd probably increase the fisherman to 3 and decrease the retrieval to 3.  You want to make sure that you can survive under trainer lock.  I'd increase your rare candy to at least 3 since your deck relies on getting that emboar up as quickly as possible.  I would increase your junk arm to 4, but decrease your pluspower to 2, possibly 3.  The biggest card that I see missing from this deck is pokemon catcher.  At least 2 will help you take out their techs before they can hurt you (like fliptini in flippy decks, ninetales in fire decks, etc...)  For shuffle support, I'd increase your PONT to at least 3 and consider taking out the engineers for a couple of juniper.  To make room for the suggestions that I've made, I think you can safely drop the super scoop up.  It's essentially a dead card in the deck if you flip tails and you have such a high HP that you shouldn't need to worry too much about losing something.  In case your emboar is catcher'd up to try and stall, I'd add in at least 1 switch.  You can always reuse it with junk arm if needed.

Reshiboar decks are still a good contender in todays tournaments, so especially after a few minor changes to your trainer/supporter line, you should do fairly well.  Good luck!

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