Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Crobat Ampharos - ZachMurtaugh

4-2-4 Crobat Prime
3-1-3 Ampharos Prime
1-0-1 Kingdra Prime
1 Cleffa
Pokemon Total = 20

3 Pokemon Communication
3 Super Scoop Ups
2 Pokemon Collector
3 Junk Arm
4 Pokemon Reversals
1 Interviewers Questions
4 Rare Candies
2 Emcee's Chatter
2 Research Record
2 Switch
Trainers/Supporters = 29

5 psychic
4 rainbows
2 Double Colorless
Energy Total = 11

Pokemon Analysis
This is a very well built deck that stood a much better chance of doing better in tournament a few months ago (when it was originally submitted).  So I'm going to try and review it so be playable in today's format.  3 stage 2 pokemon in the deck are going to make it very slow to get set up, especially if you run across trainer lock.  So I would recommend dropping one of the lines to make your task a bit easier.  With electric being one of the biggest decks in the format, your kingdra is going to be nice catcher bait for it.  Ampharos has a stronger attack anyways, so I'd recommend maxing out the line of ampharos to a  4-2-4 like crobat.  Jirachi would be a great addition to the deck as well.  You can spread damage with crobat, then use jirachi to de-evolve for multiple knockouts.  I dont have any other suggestions for your pokemon lines since ampharos and crobat work fairly well together already.

Energy Analysis
Since ampharos is your secondary attacker, I might increase your DCE to 4.  13 total energy in the deck should be a solid number.  If you need more room, I'd drop some of the psychic and rely on the remaining psychic and rainbow energy for crobat prime.  However, if you add in jirachi, I'd try to keep as many psychic in the deck as possible.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Here's where I have the most suggestions.  Increasing your collector to 4 will ensure that you get a fast set up.  Your reversals are now catchers and I think maxing them out is a pretty good idea, although you could probably safely go down to 3 (if you need the room) and increase your junk arm to 4 to give you a few more options.  I'd add in one super rod for a little recovery.  I don't think you need the super scoop up, research record or emcee's chatter.  Adding in more shuffle/draw power will help you draw into what you need and will take the place of the cards that you don't really need.  I'd recommend 2 juniper, 2-3 cheren, max out your PONT.  If you have the room, a 4th communication may help as well.  Since you rely on stage 2 pokemon, you're likely going to lose a few basics early on due to catcher, so I'd definitely add in a few twins, possibly 3.  That should help you finish setting up and spreading damage.

You have a very strong deck built, and I think with a few tweaks, it could do well in today's format if you can get it running right.  Spread decks work very well against decks that run evolutions, but your deck is likely going to struggle against all of the decks that rely on strong basic pokemon (kyurem, cobalion, reshiram, zekrom).

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