Monday, January 9, 2012

Reshiram Emboar Audino - TheFireWyrm

4 Reshiram
3-3-3 Ability Emboar
2-2 Volcarona
3-3 Zoroark
2 Audino
Pokemon Total = 25

3 Rare Candy
2 Super Rod
1 Energy search
2 Pokemon Catcher EP
3 Pokemon Communication
Trainer/Supporter Total = 11

18 Fire Energy
6 Dark Energy
Energy Total = 24

Pokemon Analysis
While you have some great lines of pokemon, your trainer/supporter line is fairly small and your energy count is too big.  So I'm going to suggest cutting down your pokemon and energy lines to be able to make more room for the trainer/supporters.  Since emboar is providing a steady stream of energy, you don't need volcarona to recycle them back as an attack.  There are trainer/supporters that can do the same thing without wasting an attack.  Since you can hit for 120, there's not much that can consistently take that, so a zoroark line isn't needed.  I love the idea of an audino with emboar, but it would work much better with fliptini.  That would allow you to reflip for more damage if you flipped poorly the first time.  A couple of fliptini would be all you need. For the ability emboar line, a 4-2-3 line would be much stronger with pokemon catcher in the format.  You could even swap one of the ability emboars for one of the bad boars for a secondary attacker.

Energy analysis
Since I suggested removing zoroark completely, you won't need the dark.  There's no need for that much fire energy in the deck.  14 should be more than enough (if you find you need more room, you could easily go down to 12).  I'd also consider taking out a couple of fire energy for rescue energy so that you can reuse pokemon (mainly reshiram) that are knocked out.

Trainer/Supporter Total
4 collector will help you get your basics out fast.  You should only need one recovery card, so dropping a super rod will help make room.  Instead of energy search, I'd add in one interviewers questions.    Other trainers that should be included are 4 junk arm, 4 Professor Oaks New Theory, 2-3 fisherman, 2-3 energy retrieval, 1 switch, at least 3 cheren and possibly 2-3 sage as well.  That should help you get through your deck to get set up as fast as possible.

By using energy retrieval and fisherman instead of volcarona, you can recycle your energy without using an attack, meaning that you'll be able to hit harder each turn.  The audino/fliptini combination is something that I dont think many people will see coming and can be great if you're running up against water decks.  I realize that I didn't post this review fast enough for your upcoming tournament, but since there's still a few weeks before the next set is released, hopefully you'll be able to play it here and there. Thanks again for submitting!

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