Thursday, January 5, 2012

Magmortar Emboar - Jayben317

3-2-2 Emboar (1 ability, 1 non)
4-4 Simisear
2-1 Magmortar
4- 2 Cincinno
Pokemon Total = 24

4 juniper
3 pokemon communacation
3 revive
2 interviwers questions
2 pokeballs
2 energy search
2 energy retrieval
Trainer/Supporter Total = 22

12 fire energy
2 rainbow energy
Energy Total = 14

Pokemon Analysis
Your ability emboar is your energy acceleration, so I'd increase it to 4-2-3 with two of the ability and one non ability as another attacker.  I think you should increase your magmortar line to 4-3.  This is the perfect way to start out your game.  Get a magmortar and emboar into play, and use "Top Burner" to discard as many cards as you can (the attack discards 1 card for each energy).  Add in 2-3 fliptini in case you flip tails, so you can reflip to prevent your energy from being discarded.  I dont think you need the simisear since magmortar and your non ability emboar can do some decent damage themselves.  But I do like the cincinno line in case you run up against a water deck.  You should be safe running a 3-2 cincinno line.

Energy Analysis
You have no need for rainbow energy in a fire/colorless deck, so I'd just run the 12 fire energy.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You'll need 4 collector to get your basics out as fast as possible.  To get that emboar going, I'd max out your rare candy and pokemon communication at 4 each.  In case your energy is discarded, you'll need 3 fisherman and 3 retrieval to get it back.  4 junk arm will let you reuse your trainers.  You'll need a switch in case your emboar is catcher'd up and about 3 catcher of your own. I'd reduce your juniper down to 2, but keep your PONT at 4. Keeping one interviewers should be alright, but you'll probably get by fine with none as long as you keep enough shuffle/draw cards in your deck.  I'd consider running 4 sage to try and get that emboar out faster (with a high number of cards to get fire energy back, you can safely discard fire energy off of the sage).  You can also try out cheren for extra draw power.  For a little recovery, I'd add in a super rod.  If you can get a steady stream of magmortars going, you'll likely win just by decking your opponent.  So adding in 3-4 twins will help you keep going. You shouldn't need the pokeball or energy search.

I like the idea of this deck, essentially decking your opponent, but still being able to attack if needed for prizes.  The trainer/supporter line will take a bit of tweaking to really get this deck working, but I think it has some potential.  Thanks for submitting it and I apologize for taking so long to review it!

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