Tuesday, January 3, 2012

KlingKlang Emboar - Maffau415

This was initially a deck that I wanted to do a video review of (it was actually one of the first decks submitted when I first started reviewing decks). I just haven't been able to find time to make a video review about it, so here's a blog review instead.  With a bit of tweaking, it could still be a fun deck in our current format.

2-2-2 klingklang
3-3-2 ability emboar
1-1 cinccino
1 cleffa
1 tyrogue
Pokemon total = 18

4 special metal
8 fire
Energy Total = 14

4 communication
3 dual ball
4 copycat
2 poke ball
2 e-retrieval
1 twins
2 pont
1 flower shop lady
1 interviewer's
1 rare candy
3 cheerleader's
2 prof. elm
1 switch
1 burned tower
Trainer/Supporter/Stadium Total = 28

Pokemon Analysis
The goal of this deck is fairly simple.  Attach as much energy as you can to klingklang with ability emboar and repeatedly attack.  The problem is that I dont know which klingklang you're using. There's one that hits for 80, flip a coin and you may not be able to attack next turn, as well as the one that hits for 80 times the number of heads on two coin flips.   I'd probably go with the second one and add in fliptini.  A 4-2-3 line of klingkland  and 2 fliptini should be enough.  I think you'll be safe with a 3-1-2 line of ability emboar as well as dropping the cleffa.  This should give you more room.  I might also consider dropping the cincinno if you find that you need the room.  However, since you run fire, it might be better to drop the cincinno altogether and go with a ninetales for some draw power instead.

Energy Analysis
I might consider dropping the DCE since you're goal is to be able to always provide fire energy as the energy source.  You should easily be able to go down to 10 energy cards.

Trainer/Supporter/Stadium Analysis
You'll want 4 pokemon collector to ensure you get a fast start.  With the emboar and klingklang, running 4 rare candy is ideal.  I'd include a couple of fisherman in addition to the energy retrieval in case you're under trainer lock.  Now that we have super rod, it can replace the flower shop lady.  You're probably going to struggle  getting set up, so increasing your twins to 2-3 will help you catch up.  You'll need a couple of catcher to bring up your opponents benched pokemon.  I'd drop the elm, copycat, poke ball, dual ball and cheerleaders for 4 PONT and a few cheren or juniper. You'll need 4 junk arms to be able to reuse your trainers as well.

I dont think you'll do well with this in tournament because it's such a flippy deck.  Even the other klingklang relies on a coin flip.  But it can certainly be a fun deck!  Thanks for submitting and I apologize for taking so long to review it!

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